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He's a darling of the UK acting scene, but
on screen he can be anything but.

Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we'll
be counting down the Top 10 James McAvoy Performances.

For this list, we'll be taking a look at
the finest performances in the career of Scottish

actor James McAvoy - including his roles on
film, TV and stage.

First off, McAvoy plays a station chief gone
rogue in this action thriller, starring Charlize

Duplicitous and unhinged, Percival makes for
both a vital ally and a bothersome obstacle

for Theron's icy MI6 agent, and McAvoy does
a fine job of providing some much-needed comic

relief whilst still posing a believable threat.
Theron may steal the show with her impressive
action scenes, but McAvoy is top notch supporting

Rom-coms seem a must-have on most British
acting CVs, and McAvoy has a few under his

This 2006 film, where McAvoy plays a student
caught between two women whilst taking part

in the game show “University Challenge”,
is probably the best of the lot.

McAvoy proves a good fit for the intelligent
and bright-eyed Brian, and his chemistry with

both Alice Eve and Rebecca Hall makes this
tale of adolescent love sweet

and relatable.
Before his blockbuster career really took
off, McAvoy's first major role was on “Shameless”

- playing Fiona Gallagher's boyfriend, McBride.
Despite being a car thief, he has more morals
than most on the show.

His relationship with Fiona is shown to be
completely honest, and he's quick to protect

her whenever necessary.
McAvoy's rising stardom may have contributed
to his short-lived time on the show, but he

made a massive impact as an original cast

McAvoy starred in two animated films in 2011,
first “Gnomeo & Juliet”, and then this

fun, festive adventure.
As the naive and ever-optimistic youngest
son of Santa Claus, McAvoy plays Arthur with

childlike enthusiasm, ensuring that his quest
to deliver a forgotten present hits exactly

the right note.
Backed-up by a blinding supporting cast including
Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent and imelda Staunton,

McAvoy's the driving force behind a modern
Christmas classic.

Before starring in a another well-known comic
book franchise, McAvoy smashed though this

over-the-top action film, which is based on
Mark Millar's comic book series of the same

As an unassuming office worker turned assassin,
McAvoy convinces as both a down-on-his-luck

loser and a badass, ruthless killer.
He stands toe-to-toe with Hollywood heavyweights
like Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, for

a high-octane adventure and full-on, bullet-curiving

Though this historical drama ultimately belongs
to Forest Whitaker and his Oscar-winning performance

as Ugandan leader Idi Amin, McAvoy's role
is crucial to the film's success.

As a young doctor who finds himself serving
as Amin's personal physician, we see through

the eyes of McAvoy's Garrigan the horror
and madness of the infamous dictator's rule.

Carrigan is in a difficult situation between
Amin and the British government, and while

it's all eyes on Whitaker, our sympathies
lie squarely with McAvoy.

In this adaptation of Irvine Welsh's novel,
McAvoy fully lets loose as an unhinged Edinburgh

police officer drowning himself in sex and

After so many films playing the straight-laced
hero, seeing McAvoy run amok as a foul-mouthed,

drug-addicted, brain-addled copper is more
than just a change of pace; it's a revelation.

Even if the film itself polarised opinion,
there's no denying that the actor puts in

everything he's got.
Considering the dicey reviews given to some
M. Night Shyamalan movies, McAvoy may have

been taking a risk with this next performance.
But his turn as a psychopath with Dissociative
Identity Disorder is truly unnerving.

Flitting between multiple personalities ranging
from innocent to monstrous, McAvoy excels

in all of them and constantly keeps the audience
on their toes.

He manages to balance between being scary
and pitiful, retaining high suspense until

a truly unexpected ending.
Patrick Stewart's Professor X was a tough
act to follow, but McAvoy brought a new dimension

to the telepathic teacher when he took on
the role for the prequel, “X-Men: First

His professor is debonair and charming, filled
with a youthful buoyancy, but still with the

same noble heart and hopeful outlook as Stewart's

McAvoy appeared alongside his older self in
“Days of Future Past”, and he has continued

to develop Xavier's back-story - especially
his link with Wolverine.

McAvoy is well known
for taking the romantic lead, but “Atonement”

remains his pinnacle performance.
As the lowly housekeeper's son who falls
in love with Keira Knightley's Cecilia,

McAvoy excels in a role that requires him
to be a poster boy for British period romance

while also becoming a deconstruction of the
archetypal character.

His chemistry with Knightley makes the passion
and tragedy of this wartime story that much

more potent.
It's McAvoy at his finest.



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