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  • oh

  • It's gone. Hey gone [mark] [way], shy calling did I catch you at a bad time there? Uh?

  • Yeah, I'm a little caught up with some things are not okay

  • Well fair enough would it be okay?

  • If I took 30 seconds told you I called and if after doesn't make sense we could just hang up. What's that sound fair?

  • Yeah, all right, [okay] [great]. So I'm not a sales strategist who works with

  • [midsize] companies to create a game plan for dramatically increasing sales and

  • My clients typically come to me when they're losing sales to Low-cost competitors

  • Their teams are in consistently hitting sales targets or finally. They're just frustrated with [a] lack of results from their existing sales team

  • Any of those issues ring true to you?

  • Yeah, actually I'm not hitting sales goals has kind of been a problem for my company recently

  • Tell me just a little bit more about them

  • Well, you know we have about 20 to 25 agents in my office

  • [and] it just seems like we've been losing a lot [of] these big condo sales to to our competitors recently there

  • We're not moving quick enough

  • When we are showing the places we seem to be just somehow not closing the sales

  • I haven't been able to figure out what the real issues are but we're we're definitely losing some business hmM

  • I mean, whatever those fixes

  • you know I've had some some chats with my bigger sales guys to see what the

  • Problems are that they seem to [think] you know what why aren't they closing these sales compared to what they were doing six months ago?

  • And a year ago

  • Again, we haven't really been able to put our finger on something the market is is great right now

  • There's places that are selling in a day to two [days] after they go on the market and we're just not

  • Getting those places. We're having people come to us people want to buy condos [they] want to move quickly

  • And we're just losing out on a lot of great places

  • It's a really common issue. I hear right. What would you say this this issue is costing you and your organization?

  • Probably say around two and a half to three million

  • Well Colin can I make a recommendation?

  • Yeah, sure. Why don't we set up an appointment and get together face-To-face?

  • [I'd] say it takes about you know [sixty] minutes or so, and we can talk this further

  • I think there are some some ideas that I could share with you to really help you solve this challenge

  • I mean does that make any sense -?

  • Yeah

  • Okay, great, so um

  • What works for you next week?

  • Next week, I think I'm pretty busy Monday and Tuesday, but I could do like a Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning

  • Okay, um look at my calendar

  • Wednesday afternoon is fine with me, so

  • What's best for you, Wednesday afternoon? [I] don't you put on my calendar

  • Anytime after 2:00 p.m.. Okay? [I] can actually make 2:30 work. That's right. Okay, and

  • So the address for your office just to confirm is a broadway street and Boston right that's correct

  • Okay, great, and I just before I hang up. Is there anyone else that you?

  • Would want to include in this conversation who might be involved in

  • in this kind of a decision [I]

  • Know really [just] I'm the decision-maker um so I think you know there's nobody that I can think of that or bring along

  • okay, terrific well then I will see you at [your] office and

  • We will

  • Discuss this a little bit further then great. Thanks, Mike all work, okay. [thank] [you] [Colin], okay?

  • so there is the actual

  • Prospecting call. I want to hear from you. What ideas?

  • Do you take from this reenactment be sure to share below in the comment section?

  • and I will get to every single comment that I can and

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