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Hi there.
If you're a busy working guy like me,
you don't always have time to cook.
So rather than go grocery shopping,
you rely solely on what's already in your kitchen.
Let's figure it out this week on
Technically a Meal.
(bright music)
As per usual, it's 2 p.m., I haven't done anything today,
and I have no idea what's in here.
Let's give her a spin.
Okay, I thought there'd be...
It was kinda slim pickings, but I think we came up
with something pretty good.
First off, we have ketchup, some hot sauce,
a quarter container of parmesan cheese,
some olives, some eggs,
a second, older bottle of ketchup,
an avocado, some soup,
and leftover lo mein noodles that...
that are bad.
These went bad.
That really sucks.
That was gonna, that was gonna be, like,
a big part of it.
That was sort of a central, but--
A couple of bites of what seems to be spaghetti.
So, the plan is, we're just gonna put it together...
and we're gonna heat it up.
We're gonna heat it up and we're gonna put it together.
We're gonna put it together and we're gonna heat it up.
So I just realized these eggs are actually expired,
but not by a lot, so there's an actual way to tell
whether an egg is old.
There's an egg test.
So let's just get started on that.
If an egg sinks in the water...
If your egg sinks in water, then it is good to go!
Maybe easier with one hand...
Sometimes it doesn't wanna sink,
and you have to make it sink.
If your egg sinks in water, then it's good to go!
Now, the trick with an avocado is--
(metallic clanging)
This is--
a literal rock?
So even if the egg is a little old, it looks fine to me.
And don't forget to heat up your spaghetti in a pan
to make you feel like you're actually cooking.
So I'm gonna give this a little minute
and check in on my soup, which is heating up
in the microwave for a little appetizer.
(microwave beeps)
Here we go.
Oh man, where are we, a fancy restaurant?
That's salsa.
Soup looks like salsa.
Alright, let's check back in on these eggs.
Oh, cool, this is done, great.
And now it's time to put it all together.
(lively music)
Aw, shit.
I'll mix up the ketchup and the hot sauce,
and do a little bit of that.
Oh, that's nice.
And there we have it.
This is our dish.
This is spaghetti,
this is hot sauce...
Hot ketchup egg spaghetti.
Hot ketchup egg spaghetti.
I'm gonna check real quick that I don't have a
coupon on Postmates.
And I don't.
There you go!
And that's Technically a Meal.
Ugh, the eggs were bad.
Hi, it's Zack from CollegeHumor.
Thanks for watching.
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or you can click over here for something else fun.
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I like 'em.
Mmm, clicks.



It’s Technically a Meal

2650 タグ追加 保存
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