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Well, I think America will be fine as long as people of goodwill across the political spectrum
participate and make sure that they vote.
When people vote, then Congress reflects the values of the country.
But it's gonna require folks getting out of the mindset that we're helpless and there's nothing we can do,
and it's gonna require them to step up and devote a relatively modest amount of time to
make sure that you're casting your ballot.
And if you do that, then you'll see a difference.
Politics rarely gives you perfect results—it's not gonna solve every problem—but when citizens vote,
things will be better.
And, you know, better historically is really important.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 didn't eliminate racism,
but it made things a lot better for a lot of people.
The passage of Social Security
didn't mean every senior was safe from poverty,
but it lifted up millions of people out of poverty.
And that's how our government works.
But it only works when people are actually committed to change.
There are big differences between Democrats and Republicans, and I am a Democrat.
I think Democrats have better ideas.
the fact of the matter is that
this country was built by Democrats and Republicans.
My personal political hero, my favorite president, happens to be a guy named Abraham Lincoln
who helped found the Republican Party.
And gives some indication of how far the current Republican Party
has traveled from its original foundations.
the good news is is that
the vast majority of the American people believe in the values that a Lincoln represented,
or a Kennedy represented.
That we should treat people decently and we should be honest,
and we should be concerned for the less fortunate,
and that we should invest in the future and make sure that every child gets opportunity.
Regardless of party, there was a sense that there
were things that held us together:
So I'm optimistic we'll be ok as long as we say, oh,
we've got to pay attention.
We gotta vote.
We gotta participate.
Young people in particular need to vote.
And they need to vote in midterms.
If we do, then that
set of values that the majority of the American people hold dear will be reflected.
it doesn't mean every problem will be solved,
but we won't be concerned about
the continuity of our democracy, and
The fact that ultimately it's accountable to the people.


Barack Obama Answers The Burning Question: Is America Going to Be Ok? | Op-Ed | NowThis

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