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Hi Bob the Canadian here.
We've all lost things.
You know that time when you just can't find what you need.
Maybe you've lost your car keys, the remote to your television, or maybe you've lost
your glasses or your sunglasses.
Well in this video I'll help you learn some English words and phrases to talk about the
things you've lost, and how to ask someone to help you find them, and then what you say
when you finally do.
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So you've lost something.
The first thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to declare or
say what you've lost and the simplest way to do that is to just say that you've lost
So in this situation let's say I've lost my keys.
I would say, “I lost my keys.”
Maybe I'm saying it to a family member, maybe a friend but I want to say to them,
“I lost my keys.”
You could also say, “I can't find my keys.”
“I can't seem to find my keys.” or maybe you just want to say, “I need my keys and
I don't remember where I put them.”
All of those are great ways to just declare or to make the statement that you have lost
your keys.
So while you're saying that you've lost your keys someone may ask what you're doing
because you're probably moving around the house or apartment quite frantically as you
search for the item that you've lost.
So in that situation, where there's actually someone else who might be able to help you
find what you lost you could ask them questions.
So in English if we wanted to ask someone to help us find something we could say, “Have
you seen my sunglasses?”
So in this situation we're looking for our sunglasses.
“Have you seen my sunglasses?”
Maybe you think that person put them somewhere and you could say, “Where did you put my
Usually I lose things and then somehow I think other people have moved them instead of admitting
that I put them in a funny spot, sometimes I just say to someone else, “Where did you
put my sunglasses?”
You might even ask them, “Could you help me find my sunglasses?”
That would be a much nicer thing to say to someone.
“Hey I've lost my sunglasses, could you help me find my sunglasses?”
That person may respond by saying a number of things.
They'll probably ask you questions to help you remember where you put them.
They may ask questions like, “Did you look on your desk?”
“Did you look by the front door?”
“Where did you use them last?”
That's always a good question.
Especially with keys.
If you could remember where you went last with that vehicle sometimes it helps you remember where
you put the keys.
“Did you leave them on the kitchen counter?”
So depending on what you've lost the person may try to kind of help you remember where
you've put them by asking you questions like that.
Sometimes I leave my keys on the kitchen table.
Sometimes I leave my sunglasses in my vehicle, in my van, and then I don't remember that
I left them there the time before.
And then finally when you do find that item it's so fun to say, “Found them!” or
“Found it!”
Just to declare especially if someone's helping you that you actually found that item,
or maybe you're by yourself and you still want to just celebrate and say, “I found
Found it!
Found them!”
Both great ways to celebrate finding something.
Well that was some English words and phrases to help you declare or to state that you've
lost something.
To kind of describe what you're looking for, and ways to ask someone to help you nicely
and sometimes not so nicely to find what you are looking for and some of the questions
someone may ask you in English as you're looking for something.
Bob the Canadian here.
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Bob the Canadian here.
Hope you're having a great day, and I'll see you in the next video.


【ボブカナディアンと英語】物を失くした!誰かに手伝って欲しい時に使える英語表現 (Learn English: Losing Things and Finding Them Back | Video with Subtitles)

675 タグ追加 保存
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