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-What stereotype would you like to see
just completely retired from Hollywood?
I do not want to see any stereotype retired from Hollywood,
I know it's controversial.
I want to see the people who have been
stereotyped given their own story.
Because the danger of a stereotype
is that they're one-dimensional.
I love that we have sexy Asian leading men.
- The Nick you're dating is Nick Young?
- You guys know them or something?
- Hells yeah, they're just the biggest
developers in all of Singapore.
- Damn Rachel, it's like the Asian bachelor.
But I also want nerdy Asian men
to feel that they are worthy of love,
and the problem is of when you make fun of them
in the secondary role where you don't
explore their whole lives.
That's why I keep stressing this thing about
being the center of the story,
not 'cause I wanna be like oh, I'm the star,
but because that's how you get rid of stereotypes,
not by trying to be the cool guy
because that makes the other guy feel like
they're not worth anything.
But if you say to that other guy, or that other girl,
even though you're not the beauty queen,
you have a story and people want to know
and you have depth to you,
you have more than one dimension.
So I think we should take a lot of the stereotypes
and just give them their own story
so they can get to show more than one dimension.
I remember when I first came here to Hollywood.
It was always an excuse why there is an Asian face,
so it has to be, oh she comes from Chinatown,
she's the waitress, she's from the laundromat
or the checkout or something like this.
Why do we have to be explained?
Because you are very much part of
the society here in America, right?
So they shouldn't be.
And I think it's the climate has changed,
because the minorities, as what we are called,
are not afraid to speak out and be heard.
Because in the past it's almost like we're invisible,
and if we should be seen, let's find a good reason
why there is an Asian face in that,
oh they are from the Chinese gang
or the triads or something like that, which we are not.
It's important for diversity but don't make us a token.
Just put a token Chinese face there
because there's a huge big market in China right now
and if they see a Chinese face, no.
That's not gonna happen.
If you don't tell the stories properly,
if these Chinese are not represented in the proper way,
we're gonna take offense to that.
And rightly so, because we wouldn't do that to you
so why are you doing that to us?
A lot of people say that this is the first
Hollywood movie in 25 years, where has it been?
Well you know what, it's been on Fresh Off The Boat.
Right now, I look at this as a continuum
of four amazing years of Fresh Off The Boat,
now it's on its' fifth year,
of which I think that helped Crazy Rich Asians get made.
Fresh Off The Boat helped me have my own show
for two years, 44 episodes.
I feel it's a movement that has been continuing
and it's not just out of nowhere you have this.
It doesn't work that way.


【映画で英語】『クレイジー・リッチ!』キャストが語るステレオタイプ('Crazy Rich Asians' Cast on Hollywood Stereotypes)

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