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We have a little game called Do You Speak Singlish?
Not well.
So, we're just gonna have you draw a couple of these,
and tell us what it means, or guess.
We actually squabbled about this, whether this was in the dictionary.
It's like (speaking foreign language),
don't be like that, lah.
It's a way of speaking, lah.
You can use it for pretty much anything.
I can be like, okay, lah.
It's more than a word.
It's the texture of Singapore.
It's a term of endearment.
It's like, affectionate.
When you normally say, how are you,
you'd be like, how are you, lah?
Have you seen the movie La La Land, lah?
Lah, lah, lah, lah, lah. - Get another one!
Ah ha, shiok.
Is that like, you know, when people say like, I'm shook?
But it's like a, one above?
I'm not just shook, I'm shiok.
Shiok? Oh, so can we edit this part, too?
I know it, and what is it again?
It's delightful.
Shiok means wow, feel good.
And action, okay, I'll take one, I'll take one.
- Oh, how 'bout this one? - Oh, how 'bout this one.
Oh, shiok means delightful.
'Cause you're shiok it's so delightful.
Delightful in my apparent knowledge of Singaporean culture.
I think I shiocked the world with my mind grapes.
Dig it.
This is what I love, makan.
Oh God, doth I be too cocky...
I don't know what this is.
Makan means eat.
You can ever say (speaking foreign language)
and have a makan, so you (speaking foreign language),
you chill with your friends, and you usually makan.
That's very important for us Asians, food.
Let's cut this so I win, it's to eat.
And we all knew that,
and I knew that from the beginning... Henry.
- Chili crab! Awesome!
- Well, I'm gonna guess that's a crab with chili.
It's delicious!
Chili crabs, I like it, I dig it.
Or a crab that's really cold!
That's a stupid joke, forget I said that this time.
In Singapore they do serve some of the best Chili Crab.
And you have to eat it with bread.
And dig into the sauce, and it drips all over the place.
It's very good, I mean, Henry probably ate more of it.
It's all about Henry, all about Henry and his abs.
Hey, if I had a sit up coach, I would look exactly
like Henry Golding, that is what my team has told me.
My manager has told me that, who is also my mom.
Anyway, um... (laughing)



クレイジーリッチアジア人 - あなたはシンガポール語を話しますか?

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