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  • Okay you ask

  • backhand, you want to try to attack.

  • You said you only know

  • push and block.

  • Maybe you have good control already.

  • So if you already have good control

  • this is easy to add more power.

  • So first thing I want to talk about

  • topspin

  • You already know the block.

  • Here control and your racket no problem, right? So once

  • you feel good

  • you want to add more power how can you do it? So this part you won't change anything.

  • Just stretch

  • your arm

  • forward.

  • The ball is going to be faster.

  • Okay, let me...

  • use multi ball.

  • So now you going to block, right. So don't change anything here just

  • stretch your arm a little bit forward.

  • See just stretch forward. The ball going to be faster, right, you can see that.

  • This is block

  • this is block

  • I don't want to change my stroke. Just go forward

  • forward

  • stretch

  • So going to be

  • more power. If you feel good

  • a little bit more

  • and more.

  • And bottom spin I think you need to loop.

  • So we... you can see other people when they loop

  • brush the ball and hit the ball. On that part

  • I don't want to say something too much about that part but I think you can

  • loop already because

  • you already have good block. That means you do your backhand no problem.

  • So the loop just move back

  • then brush the ball. That's it.

  • Move back. Brush the ball.

  • Don't worry about your

  • hit, how much you're going to hit, how much you're going to brush. Just move back a little bit

  • close down a little bit

  • brush the ball. This is backhand loop.

  • I'm going to show you easy... easy ones. For example you standing like this.

  • So move back here, then brush the ball.

  • Okay, let's go.

  • You see that? Brush

  • brush

  • Brush

  • bad brush.

  • Okay, brush

  • brush.

  • See this is not very

  • good power

  • and not very good speed but it's already a good attack.

  • Okay so topspin, stretch more. Backspin

  • remember, brush the ball.

  • That's it. When you brush, the ball easy over the net.

  • Very easy.

  • I think no more.

  • Okay thank you very much.

Okay you ask


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