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It's all about the money, money, money
We don't need no money, money
We're just tryimg to make the world dance.
Forget about the price tags.
Hello guys
Super popular topic today
How much money do you need to be happy
I'm going to share what I think
about myself
and I'm going to share my thought on
the amount of money you need to be happy.
We also gonna ask other people
We gonna call people from other countries
and ask them what they think.
So how much money do I need
to be happy
First I need to define happiness
to myself
So what I think
that I don't need millions of dollars.
Millions of dollars actually
don't help you evolve.
There were times in Russia
when the oil prices were super high.
Many people had access to a lot of money.
They ended up buyimg private jets,
buying yachts,
and comparing themselves to others
just by handbags and by brands.
It didn't really help them.
evolve as a person.
It didn't help them become a better person.
That's why I think we need the amount of money
to feel comfortable.
I want to concentrate on my business
and I don't want to spend time thinking
"should I go to Mcdonalds today
to have lunch because it's cheaper?
than the place next to my office
where they serve vegetarian organic food?"
Or maybe I should drive to that meeting today
and not take an Uber.
I want to illuminate those thoughts
from my mind and concentrate on
what's really important on my business.
Or for example take my blogging activity
many people complain that the sound is not good
or maybe the camera is not the best one.
But imagine if I was a beginner blogger
and I had access to thousands of dollars
and I thought
I should get the best camera
and I should get the best microfone.
I should also rent a studio
and only then I'd be making my first video
and inagine I've done that.
I spend 10 000 $
I actually made my first video
and it got hundred of views.
This is really a failure
This demotivates me to continue
blogging activity
and I realise I've spent all those money in vain.
This is why I think that
for example for blogging
I'm happy that I didn't have a lot of money
when I started
so I filmed everything with my iphone.
Only then I generated enough revenue
from my YouTube,
I was able to get a new camera,
a new microfone
and my videos got better.
This rule applies to the age when you
20's or 30's
You just need enough money to continue developing your talents
with growing your company or growing your youtube blog
or concentrating on your job you really like.
You don't have to have too much money.
Not worrying about taking an Uber,
not worrying about buying organic food
in a good shop.
This is what makes your income just good enough
Of course when we grow up
when we have children
we need to think of their college
we need to think of their education
and their lifestyle
and this is when we need a lot more money.
Take your time when you're in your 20's and 30's.
Don't dream about becoming a millionare
Dream and do everything to get the amount of money
that would allow you to live comfortably
and be comfortable with what you're doing.
and concentrate on what really matters
developing your talents.
And you're going to say "hey marina,
you dind't say how much money you need to be happy."
This part of my life I need 6000$
a month to be happy.
It's because California is super exepensive
rent in California, food in California,
especially in Silicon valley
I think it's the most expensive place in the world.
Pearson or couple need at least 5 000
a month
to be comfortable with a place where they live
and to continue daily activities.
And develop their talents.
Hey, here comes the interesting part.
I'm going to use a service on linguatrip.com
I'm going to connect to other people in different countries
and ask them how much money do they need to be happy
I don't know which countries they're gonna come from
So we'll see together.
So basically you get connected to a person
who somewhere else in the world
and speaks English.
This is the best way to practice your English
because I'm nervous as well
because this is a random person I have to speak English
but it's the best practice you can get.
This is what happens in real life
You just go out and talk to people in English
If you can't bring English environment into your home
let us help you.
1000 $
1000 $?
Do you think it's enough?
Yes, it's enough money to be happy.
He's just hung up on me.
I'm from Saudi Arabia.
Where are you from?
Cool, I'm from Russia.
I'm actually calling people today
and asking them how much money do they need to be happy.
How much money a month you need to be happy
He just said
that money doesn't mean happiness.
Many people say that.
Then you also need money to live comfortably.
He said in order to have fun
you'd need billions of dollars
But I doubt it.
What do you need to have fun?
Maybe you need to ride a private jet.
You can get a subscription for couple thousands a month
and you'd get this private jet.
Maybe you need to travel like crazy
but it's also not billions of dollars.
I think our wishes can be quantified
if you calculate the amount of money you need
you would need less.
I'm calling people today
to live a comfortable life.
How much money do you need a month to be happy?
I need to have 30000$ for a month
30000$ that's a lot!
He needs a car
He's from Pakistan.
He doesn't want to move around by bike.
He needs 30000$ a month
to be happy.
That's a lot.
1 000 000 $ a month
for travel
for travel
to travel?
You need a lot less.
You need a lot less.
I hope you like this video
Ther are couple of thing I want you to take away
First you need to subscribe to my channel
to keep tuned with new interesting topics
The second thing you need to remember
is that on linguatrip.com
we have tis service
where you can just connect with a person
from any country in the world
and you can ask anything.
First it helps you practice your language
it helps you illiminate your language barrier
and the second thing
you can talk about things you wouldn't discuss with friends
for example
you can ask anything
you can do anything.
So believe in yourself
use linguatrip.com
and subscribe to my channel.
I hope to see you soon.
Bye bye.


How much money do you need to live happily in California (USA)? In other countries?

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