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- [Ilsa] You don't understand what you're involved in.
- You need to walk away.
- Please don't make me go through you.
- Chris said that you were seven months pregnant
shooting this movie?
- Do you know what?
By the time that
these interviews have been done,
I will have been having my baby on set.
It's like, Rebecca was four months pregnant.
Rebecca was five.
Rebecca had her baby.
- But is that not true?
- You, you, you.
No, he's not lying.
- [Phil] Okay.
- He put a month on, I think.
I think I was,
when we wrapped,
I was six.
Yeah. - Oh, wow.
- Five, six months pregnant.
So yeah, I had a big bump while shooting--
- You can't even tell--
- Semi-automatic weapon.
- Watching the movie.
- It's incredible isn't it?
Do you know what?
It was quite frustrating.
- And they let me do,
'cause I have to stop pushing myself
'cause I wanna do things as much as I can,
but obviously you can't
when you have a baby growing.
So Lucy Cork, my stunt double,
got to jump in and do a couple of high jumps.
But we had started doing most of the big fighting sequences
before Tom broke his foot,
also known as pregnancy time.
So as we're wrapping it up at the end,
when I was pregnant.
- [Phil] Awesome.
- So there was kind of acceptance.
I could do all the fighting on ground
and then they kind of fork-lifted me up
on top of people if needed.
- [Phil] Oh, wow. (laughs)


Rebecca Ferguson Was Pregnant While Filming 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout'

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