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  • Hi I'm George Takei, Welcome to Takei's Take

  • every year a new piece of technology comes along

  • and casts it spell upon the mass.

  • So what about 2013

  • what's this year's it product?

  • and how the hell do you get one.

  • Today's topic is...Google Glass

  • or as I like to call it

  • the stupidest Instagram pic you'll take this year.

  • so what does Google Glass do anyway

  • you can check the weather, take pictures

  • record video, get directions, and

  • look stuff up on the web. Literally by just blinking.

  • Google's official motto is "Don't be Evil"

  • but if you've ever gotten cocktails with Sergey Brin

  • you'll know that they're real goals is world domination

  • so how do you get your mitts on these bad boys

  • if your name isn't Geordi La Forge

  • Well, in March of 2013

  • Google launched a competition for would be beta testers

  • asking folks to post on Twitter how they would use Glass

  • entries range from the simple

  • record a video

  • I'm recording...look at a mess

  • to the groundbreaking

  • like this Doctor who wants to create training videos

  • from a Surgeons point of view

  • What did you get for winning?

  • obviously the opportunity to get a pair of Google Glass

  • for $1500 dollars

  • In my day $1500 dollars could buy you a limited edition

  • Star Trek lunch pale Sulu Edition

  • almost

  • so the lucky

  • and wealthy winners got their coveted Glass

  • and set off into the world to see as Google puts it

  • how Glass feels

  • What's 23 times forty-two?

  • How many dollars to the pound?

  • Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?

  • Pictures of puppies in pajamas

  • Holy Cow! Oh my God that was a life changing event just now

  • something just happened in my eye

  • Well hello

  • tech reporter Lamarr Wilson, how are you? I'm great George, how are you?

  • just great good to see. I hear you've had Google

  • Glass for a while now. What do you think of them?

  • You know despite what people say or think about them I think they're really cool

  • even so I like fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg she debuted these in

  • New York Fashion Week

  • and all of her models had them on and she really set the trend and made these hot

  • so George these are going to be hot for any season

  • How do they feel, George?

  • just said take a picture

  • you just recorded video over the up

  • Oh there's a picture

  • Okay so if you take your finger like this

  • and move - swipe it forward

  • says a settings

  • 59 percent battery. no network connection

  • this is kinda fun though you know some Google Glass wearers with that recording

  • capability

  • have already made their way into the sensitive locations like

  • hospitals, schools, and even strip clubs...Oh My.

  • last thing Lamarr are there any competitors?

  • Well absolutely there's Glass Up, Smart Glasses

  • Epiphany eyewear, the list goes on and on

  • each one with a better name and weirder look than the last one

  • so here's my take: the future is coming

  • whether we like it or not I cant stop it, I can only adapt

  • from now on whenever I have to embarrass myself in public

  • I'll simply where this

  • and that my friends is Takei's Take

  • remember to subscribe to our channel like this video

  • and tell me what you think in the comments below

  • until next time I'm watching you

  • online dating expert David So

  • I'm really tall. You're very clever. I speak English

  • I just average things that make it sound a lot more interesting than it really is

Hi I'm George Takei, Welcome to Takei's Take


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