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  • My parents raised me on an accomplishment system.


  • So for every A earned, I'd get $10.

    A を取る度に、10 ドルもらえる。

  • For every page of a book read, I'd get a penny.

    本を 1 ページ読むたびに、1 ペニーもらえる。

  • For every video sponsored, today's being Google Chrome, I would get capital to fund passion projects or increase my production value.


  • I grew up being taught that hard work leads to reward.


  • That reward usually being candy or comic books or Titanic on VHS.

    報酬はお菓子やマンガ、VHS のタイタニックでした。

  • But I get it.


  • Not everybody has Asian parents to instill a work ethic in them from birth.


  • So how exactly do you just get stuff done?


  • Well first, of course, I'd say...


  • [Friendly Anna]: Hey...

    [フレンドリー・アンナ] ねぇ…

  • Would you like some candy?


  • *shakes box*


  • Come on.


  • All you got to do is turn in that paper.


  • Look at this delicious candy.


  • Come on.


  • All you gotta do is turn over that ten-page-MLA-formatted-essay on the possible-impacts-of-biological-warfare. And this is all yours.

    生物兵器の影響に関する 10 ページの米国現代語学文学協会のエッセイを出すだけ。これ全部食べていいのよ。

  • [Anna]: If you want to get stuff done, One. Stop multitasking.

    [アンナ]: やるべきことを済ませたいなら 1. マルチタスクをやめる。

  • Numerous studies have proven that multitasking actually leads to getting less done throughout the day.


  • You have to focus on one task at a time.

    1 度に 1 つのことに集中しなければなりません。

  • Now in the days of tech, I know that can kind of seem counter-intuitive, because we have to use so many apps in conjunction just to complete a single task.


  • And we often get sidetracked by social media or side projects since we're so busy zipping around our screens.


  • But I cannot stress this enough, if you actually want to be productive, you have to focus on one thing at a time.

    これは言っても言い過ぎにならないほどです。生産的になりたいなら、1 度に 1 つのことに集中しないといけません。

  • Second: Prioritize your to-do list by what's most important and make it results-oriented.

    2. to do リストで最も重要なことを優先して、結果志向にすること。

  • So if today I say, my most important task is to get some sketching done.


  • I will put that at the top of my list and write out exactly how many sketches I want to finish.


  • Whether that's one or three or six, if you make your to-do list results-oriented you get... Results.

    それが 3 つでも 6 つでも、to do リストを結果志向にすれば結果が得られます。

  • And finally be realistic with your schedule.


  • I have definitely tried to over pack my Google Calendar with things, without taking in real life necessities into account. Like meals or relaxation or how long it takes to drive from place to place in LA.


  • When you set an impossible standard for yourself, and you're not meeting those goals, then you'll find yourself less motivated because you're not getting as much done as you expect.


  • Versus if you're pacing yourself and completely finishing your day's work, you feel more motivated that night when you go to bed and ready for the next day's tasks.

    反対に、無理のない計画を立て、1 日の仕事を完全に終えたら、夜眠るときにモチベーションを感じ、翌日のタスクの準備ができます。

  • I hope this helps you get stuff done. And if all else fails... [Friendly Anna] *being creepy*


  • I'm Anna Akana, stay right here for a sponsored message.


  • I want to say thank you so much to Google Chromebook for sponsoring today's video.


  • The Chromebook starts up in seconds.


  • And it doesn't slow down over time.


  • My favorite aspect of the Chromebook is that the battery lasts 10 hours.

    クロームブックのお気に入りの点は、充電が 10 時間も続くこと。

  • So I can either binge something on Netflix or I can work on a plane without worrying that I have to go scramble and find an outlet.

    Netflix で何か見たり飛行機で仕事するのに、コンセントがどこにあるか必死に探す必要がないということです。

  • Plus if you're a creative type, it comes with a stylus.


  • It's really cute and precise. And you saw me draw all those cats, but it can also go into tablet mode, or if you want to view it while you're lying down, it does this thing called "clamshell".


  • That's pretty cool.


  • Your files never get lost, are constantly saved, and you can access them from your phone, tablet, or any of your other devices.


  • To find out more about Google Chromebook, click the link in the description below.


My parents raised me on an accomplishment system.


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やるべきことをきちんとこなす方法 (How to get stuff done)

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