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Welcome to your first day on skis. Never skied before? We're going to take you through everything
you need to know. Firstly we're going to have a quick look at the equipment to show you
how to get the ski on and off and then sliding down the hill nice and gently on a very easy slope.
The next thing is the first bit of control, a break called the snow plough and
finally putting some turns together so you can control your decent down the slope.
It's a gorgeous day lets give it a go.
First things first - the ski. The tip of the ski, tail of the ski, the bendy bit goes forward.
Nice and simple. Bindings - toe binding, heel binding. These are the things that are
going to hold you onto the ski and here we've got a ski brake. Basically when you're in
the ski that will be out of the way, if you do take a tumble they will release, break
will pop down and stop that ski sliding down and killing someone. Underneath - plastic base.
You're going to slide on this and on each side of that you've got a metal edge.
If you hear anybody refer to the word edge they're talking about simply tipping the ski
onto the side and using that metal edge - all you need to know.
The heel binding has got two positions - closed and open. When you're in the ski it will be closed.
To get yourself out you're going to have to place the ski pole in the hole in
the back, push down firmly, lift your heel and you're out. But bare in mind if you do
take a tumble there is a good chance the heel binding may still be closed so rather than
spend 10 minutes trying to get a ski on when it's already closed, push down, open the binding
and you're ready to go again.


Beginner Ski Lesson #1.1 - Getting Started and Equipment

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