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Today it's once again time to learn some football tricks because this is five wickets Gildan done by Cristiano Ronaldo part
number two and in today's occasion they decided that he feels dangerous like an animal and when delay stop in the control
Superfly six so in other words
It's gonna get wild
Number five the sole role chopped this move is great to quickly change direction anywhere on the pitch
with the defender on your side to a sole wrong with your strong foot and then pull off a heel chop with your Whitford to
Roast him like a french toast
Numb before the raquel me
Cr7 used this move to absolutely destroy his opponent for portugal
But it's also been done a lot by raquel me and Nate he loves Raquel me
Do a Cruyff turn to quickly change direction and as you lure your opponent into your web of tennis
Drag the ball back through his legs, but out of respect for the other team only do this once per match
Number three is to 180 degree double tap if you find yourself in a tight situation
And you need to escape this is some proper Houdini stuff
With the defender directly on your back step over the ball with your weak foot
Then tap it gently with your strong foot while doing a 180 degree turn
To tap the ball with the same foot again and move away
Number two the step-over bonanza now we're talking guys
Cr7 trademark stepovers, which you can use more or less anywhere on the pitch?
Facing the defender do a sole role and step over the ball with your weak foot then
Head step over bonanza time until you see an opening to go past the defender rule of thumb here
You can never do too many
We're number one the cr7 Flickr now before you guys
Crucifies in the comments oh no co seven hasn't done this in a match
But he has done it at warmups
And it's a lot more simple than it looks roll the ball back into your WIC food while the impact to lift it up
Then move your weak foot back while
Revolving around the ball with the strong foot and the trig off by lifting the heel slightly in order to land it
So there you go, my friends five wicked skill moves usually done on the pitch
I Cristiano Ronaldo and hopefully by now you realize the CL seven it's a lot more than just
Flashes step always on the middle of the pitch his tricks actually work
And if you want to learn even more of your skills you can find PI one
right down here that you should go do yourself a favor subscribe to our channel with the
Notifications on of course by clicking the green bottle somewhere over my head, then you should also
Tell us who should we do next leave us a comment right down below and with that said guys
I'll see you next time signing off


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406 タグ追加 保存
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