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  • Hello! Gregg Le Sueur here for Online Tennis Instruction.

  • Welcome to the Roger Federer

  • forehand analysis series. We can admire his excellence and are going to look at

  • what makes Rogers forehand so great and how you can apply some of these key

  • fundamentals to your own game. This is the advantage of slow-motion feedback as

  • we can really see what he is doing. In this first video we're going to talk

  • about his grip which allows him to have a very versatile forehand.

  • Roger uses an Eastern forehand grip where his base knuckle and heel pad on

  • the third bevel. You can see how we find this group by looking at the diagram and

  • also by searching the 'online tennis instruction grips video' here on YouTube

  • what's interesting is that he appears to vary his exact hand placement. Sometimes

  • he may be right in the middle of the third bevel. In these videos we can see

  • that he has a modified Eastern group whereas in the bottom part of bevel 3. It

  • may be part of his mastery where he intentionally positions his knuckle and

  • heel pad low on the bevel to impart more topspin. So I'd like to quickly clarify

  • what I mean by the middle of 3 and the bottom side of 3 and also discussed

  • where 3.5 is. So if you look at the grip here we've got them numbered 1, 2, 3, & 4

  • those are the bevels and this bottom line here that is we consider 3.5. It's

  • the ridge between bevel 3 and bevel 4. Now Federer you sometimes see him with

  • his base knuckle is in the middle of 3 so you see this dotted line here

  • it's almost lined up his base knuckle heel pad on that middle part. Now in the

  • videos that we have on display we can see that he's hitting more towards

  • the bottom side of 3 and what I mean by that is it's this panel that's

  • between the dotted line and the solid line. So he is on the bottom side of 3

  • where he's not on 3.5 in the ridge but he's actually still got his knuckle on

  • the flat pot but it's sort of between the dollar line and that

  • solid line. He's more in this position that's what I mean by the bottom

  • side of 3 and the middle slot, middle part of 3 would be along that dotted

  • line.

  • Okay let's watch Roger execute a

  • forehand and then let's look at the completion and notice where the index

  • knuckle is placed and you can see that's on the bottom side of the third bevel.

  • Now we're gonna take a look at the placement of his heel pad right as he

  • lines up to hit the ball. You can see how the heel pad is on that third bevel. This

  • indicates that he is using an Eastern forehand grip or group number three.

  • Now let's take a look at how he waits in his ready position with a neutral grip.

  • He will then adjust his grip for topspin as he turns for his forehand. Most

  • importantly, the advantages of this grip structure is when he returns serve! With

  • his Eastern forehand grip he can take a very short backswing and very quickly

  • align his strings to his target. This allows him to stand in closer and cut

  • off his opponent's serve angles.

  • Having a neutral grip in his ready position

  • enables him to quickly change to his backhand grip when returning which can

  • be a big advantage to one-handed players. This allowed him to execute the famous

  • 'Sabre' return.

  • Now let's take a look at some examples of him adjusting his grip

  • during his unit turn.

  • This grip also gives him a lot of different options. He can hit a lot of

  • topspin by increasing the upward angle of his swing path, he can also flatten

  • the shot out by extending more and reducing the upward swing angle.

  • It's also great for disguise! Not only does his unit turn with his racket tip up

  • allow him to take advantage of gaining speed on the drop through gravity but it

  • also allows him to disguise drop shots as seen here.

  • So this concludes the first

  • part of this three-part series on Roger Federer's forehand. In the next video we

  • will talk about how Roger uses his body to generate power!

  • Thank you for watching!

  • you

Hello! Gregg Le Sueur here for Online Tennis Instruction.


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ロジャー・フェデラー フォアハンドグリップ (Roger Federer Forehand Grip)

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