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  • Dear LeBron

  • I'm sorry this had to happen this way

  • That I didn't tell you sooner

  • Claiming the O'Brien Throne with you

  • was one of the proudest moments of my life

  • And I will be forever grateful for the lessons you've taught me

  • But I can no longer fight in your shadow

  • Sure, we had our differences

  • But the real problem

  • is that we're very much the same

  • Many men succumb to the allure of rings and superteams

  • only to obscure a deeper desire

  • to be The Man

  • While this chapter comes to a close

  • a new door is opened

  • beyond which lies the knowledge of my true potential

  • I may find that I was mistaken

  • That I needed you all along

  • Or maybe I'll discover

  • that I am more powerful than I ever dreamed

  • And so I've set sail for the edge of the world

  • But if I find that this world is indeed round

  • then maybe one day

  • my journey will lead me back to you

  • In my stead awaits another

  • You may recall his words from last year

  • Well, his wish has been granted

  • There will be...

  • A new...

  • King in the East

  • King James is late to his own meeting

  • Doesn't bode well for us getting out of this slump

  • Hopefully he's finalizing a trade for Kevin

  • Am I right?

  • Freakin' Kevin

  • What is that?

  • That's odd

  • Some sort of pregnant raven

  • Oh no...


Dear LeBron


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