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  • We have three hot girls, literally it's boiling, to deliver nine heart phrases

  • that you need to know when you're visiting the beach.

  • And just before we dive into those nine hot phrases I want to say a huge thank

  • you to these two beautiful girls from Love English who are helping me with

  • today's lesson. Their link will be down in the description box below so make

  • sure to subscribe after watching this video.

  • A drop in the ocean so this means an insignificant amount, imagine one tiny

  • drop of water going into a huge ocean it's quite insignificant and isn't going

  • to make much of a difference. So for example imagine one person giving three

  • pounds to a charity that needs millions of pounds it's not going to make that

  • much difference, it's a drop in the ocean, but if we all give three pounds it's not

  • a drop in the ocean anymore and maybe they'll make a million.

  • The coast is clear. The coast is clear means that your way

  • ahead is available, it's clear, you're not in danger of being caught. To look like a

  • beached whale. To describe somebody as looking like a beached whale is really

  • not very nice, in fact a beached whale is well, as you guessed it, a whale that has

  • perhaps washed up on shore, very often they die not great, and if

  • someone is rather large perhaps with a big belly maybe with good reason you

  • might describe them as a beached whale. They might not be able to move around

  • very easily or get up.

  • Plenty more fish in the sea. So have you ever had a broken heart?

  • Most of us sadly have, now when we're nursing a broken heart

  • our friends often want to comfort us and when they do they might say this

  • expression "don't worry there are plenty more fish in the sea". Now this means

  • don't worry you can find someone new, there are many other choices out there.

  • So the fish represent people or future romantic partners. Life's a beach. This is

  • the completely opposite to a very similar sounding phrase Life's a (swear word)!

  • We won't say because it's not family-friendly. if life is a beach then

  • everything is wonderful just like if you're on a beach. The tide is turning. So

  • the tide is turning simply means there is a change or reversal. Now let me give

  • you the example of sport perhaps that you support a football team and they

  • might not be winning many matches. All of a sudden they start to win and they're

  • doing well. In this case you could say the tide is turning.

  • To bury your head in the sand this means to refuse to face or deal with a

  • difficult situation.

  • It's not the size of the ship it's the motion of the ocean

  • Many people think this is a little bit naughty, a bit fruity because you're

  • saying it's not about the size of your tool but about how you use it,

  • but this can be used for many other things.

We have three hot girls, literally it's boiling, to deliver nine heart phrases


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