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Let me show you how containers work It's possible that most things around you
right now came from a container ship
The food you ate the phone or computer you are looking at
We have anything from apples to frozen meat
to explosive or toxic gases on the ship Some of the things we carry is pretty bizarre
But Everything actually begins in the office with a team of people we call “central planners”
They draw up cargo plans for the whole supply chain
Then its sent to our chief mate to adjust as required
The containers are loaded by the port's crane
some say they were used by the Empire
Starting from the bottom stacking up like Legos
These cargo holds can be as deep as 40 times 40 meters
The space are built with these long sail guides that runs downward
it secures the containers in place
And this.. is what an empty cargo hold looks like
Once its filled, a “hatch cover” is placed on top so that more containers can be loaded
The ones above on deck will need extra lashings to secure them
Workers from the port handle the physical labor of lashing
Thank god because these full metal rods are very very heavy
Turnbuckles are twisted to tighten the steel rods
For that we have Turnbuckle, short bars, long bars, and twist locks
There's actually a few different type of
twists lock on our ship Some are manual some are automatic
It all depends on the location of the container but they serve the same purpose which is to
lock containers together
Once again it really is just like stacking
Legos The fruits and frozen products are transported
by reefers Reefers are short for refrigerated containers
They are pretty much a gigantic portable fridge It can keep temperatures anywhere from room
temperature to -30 degrees That's…-90 Fahrenheit for murica folks
So what's my part in all this?
Well as 3rd mate My job during cargo operations is to monitor
the loading and discharging progress Afterwards checking the lashings to make sure
it's done properly The last thing we'd want are containers
falling into the sea if we ever run into bad weather
Other than that we keep watch on the overall condition of the ship
Including safety and security Checking the mooring lines and looking out
for any suspicious activity like stowaways or pirates
So that was a general overview of how cargo operations are done on container ships
If you'd got any specific questions make sure to leave it down in the comments below
And as always thanks for watching


How are Containers Loaded? | Cargo Operations on Container Ship

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