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Eric Bakker, Naturopath thanks for coming

Going to talk about Butyric, or Butyric Acid

This is a question I get asked from time to
time from people.

What is Butyric?
What is it good for?
Is it a supplement?
I've heard of it before, what is it found

Butyric Acid is a short term fatty acid, and
it's found in various kinds of foods.

It's found in ghee, it's found in raw milk,
it's found in butter, it's found in Parmesan

It's found in Jerusalem artichokes, it's found
in unripe bananas.

It's found in many different types of food.
It's got a characteristic smell about it that's
not very pleasant.

And some people claim that that smell actually
is one you can smell when someones thrown

That smell is actually the smell of Butyric

It doesn't sound too good, but it's great
for the gut.

I'm going to tell you that it's very, very
powerful healer for the digestive system.

Butyric is actually formed also in the digestive
system, by the fermentation of different types

of carbohydrates.
The ferment, they produce this acid that feeds
a lining of the cells, makes you nice and

plump, and fat.
Push all the butts together, and they stop
leaky guy syndrome, basically.

If you want a healthy digestive system digestive
ghee regularly, are quite beneficial for that

It's all called Butanoic Acid, or BTA is the
other name.

So, BTA is a vary good supplement in particular
use for inflammatory bowel disease, like ulcerative

colitis or Chron's disease, I recommend up
to 300, 400, or even 600 milligrams a day,

easily, of this stuff if you get in a supplemental

Ghee has been one of my favorite things to
cook with now, probably for about 30 years

since I started studying cooking a long time

I did a cooking course many years ago, with
a macrobiotic chef, one of his favorite things

to use was ghee in cooking, and then I discovered
it's called clarifying butter, and it's actually

quite tasty.
Trying to get, if you've got irritable bowel,
inflammatory bowel, really gut problem, try

and start cooking with a bit of ghee.
It may seem quite strange for you if you've
been using olive oil, different oils for cooking,

but moving to ghee, drop the coconut oil for
one and try the ghee.

It could make a big different between bloating
and flatulence, cramping and digestive problems.

If you get the short term fatty acids up in
the gut, you're also going to help the lining

of the gut and also help to grow more beneficial

It becomes really encouraged to grow in good
numbers, improving brush all that lining of

the gut.
And Butyric Acid, Butyric is a great way to
do that.

To really help to feed up and nurture that

Certainly worth trying Butyric.
Thanks for tuning in, and I appreciate your



What Is Butyric Acid? (Butyrate)

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