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Today's reinsurance professional
needs a smarter solution than the spreadsheet yet it's the most common
technology in the industry
does it provide valuable automation, protect against human error?
No, but CedeRight does. It's a total administration system handling
all of your insurance processing. CedeRight is constantly sending data to the cloud
keeping see until it's time to access it again. You can access CedeRight
anywhere you have the Internet and a browser making it convenient to work
wherever you need
as complete 360-degree solution
CedeRight maximizes recoverables, performs audits,
and meets compliance standards. With everything you need contained
in an online workspace
treaty and facultative contracts can be found together in one database.
As an intelligent and cost-effective service
CedeRight processes every contract written. The time you save can been seen
from day one.
With the Quick Start program there's no need to use the years in the
implementation process.
CedeRight prepares you for in a fraction of the time. This powerful solution
helps you see a clear view of your bottom line, assisting you
and your staff in making well-informed financial decisions.
Reinsurance automation returns countless hours back to your team
allowing more time to focus on what really matters.
The best part? CedeRight is yours for one low monthly payment.
Never an upgrade fee; never a yearly fee.
Evolve Beyond the Spreadsheet.


CedeRight Reinsurance Solution

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