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Feifei: Hello I'm Feifei and this is The English We Speak.
Neil: And hello I'm Neil.
Feifei: Neil, I wonder if you could help me.
I'm trying to find something on this map.
Neil: Oh yes, map reading - I'm good at that.
What are you trying to find?
Feifei: Well, I went to a gig last night and
saw this new singer - he was amazing.
Neil: Thanks for inviting me! Anyway,
what's that got to with a map?
Feifei: Well, afterwards everyone was talking about it
and saying the gig was so good that
it will 'put him on the map'.
But... I just can't find him on here.
Neil: Put the map away Feifei - you won't find him there.
When we say someone will be 'put on the map'
it means they will become famous
or become more prominent - but not on a map!
Feifei: Right! Actually Neil, I've heard about
a new restaurant I ate at being 'put on the map'.
Neil: Yes, something as well as someone can be put on
the map - or in other words, become famous, popular
or well known.
You must have eaten at a good quality restaurant for it
to be put on the map!
Feifei: I did! Let's tuck into some examples shall we?
Examples: Her first exhibition at the Tate gallery
has put her on the map as a serious modern artist.
This great tasting food has really put this
new restaurant on the map.
Hosting the Olympics has put this city on the map
as a great place to come for a holiday.
Feifei: So that's to put someone or something
on the map - to become famous,
popular or more prominent.
I suppose it suggests that becoming famous means
you are now important enough for your name
to be seen or heard by everyone.
Neil: That's right. In the old days when a place was
too small and unimportant it wasn't
shown on a map - but when it became more important
it was 'put on the map'.
Feifei: Right. Anyway Neil, let me look
at that map again...
Neil: OK.
Feifei: Look! That singer I saw really is on the map -
right there. Neil: Really? What was he called?
Feifei: 'Man-chester'
Neil: Manchester. Of course!
Both: Bye.


【BBC日常英語】Put someone on the map: 有名になる (Put someone on the map: The English We Speak)

671 タグ追加 保存
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