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  • Today, let's talk about courage. Being brave. Being adventurous. Audacious.


  • You never know what you can do till you try. The way I see it, you can play it safe, you can follow in your predecessor's footsteps, you can do as you're told, you can stay inside the lines.


  • Or you can take a little risk, leave your comfort zone, be experimental. Pursue a greater dream instead of just compromising with what seems adequate.


  • Now, there is a chance you might stumble and fall and that's the risk we all face in this life. But I always convince myself by saying, “You gotta go out there and make a positive change in the world or at least die trying 'cos I will not settle for mediocre.”


  • And I'm not afraid to admit that I'm afraid to die failing but I'm more afraid to live a meaningless life. And that's what I believe in, "The things you accomplish audaciously within a day are more than those you do timidly for a lifetime."


  • I was just watching Will Smith's latest video. Back in the days, he was asked to do this impromptu audition in 10 minutes [Hey Q, hold up man! Hold up!] [I'm not ready to do no audition] which turned out to be a life-changing event.

    ウィル・スミスの最新動画を見ていたところです。その昔、彼はこの即興オーディションを10分でやってくれと頼まれていたのだが[Hey Q, hold up man! Hold up!] [I'm not ready to do no audition]という、人生を変えるような出来事になってしまったのだ。

  • [Yahso 3 weeks form nowCan we do it 3 weeks form now?] [Yah… 3 weeks form now would be good. Or you can take 10 minutesRight now! And you can change your life forever.] [And I was like… **** it then! Yes! Give me 10 minutes!]

    やー...だから3週間フォーム今から...3週間フォーム今からでもいいかな】【やー...3週間フォーム今からでもいいかな。今すぐ10分でもいい。あなたの人生を永遠に変えることができる。]僕はそう思った。 10分でいいよ。

  • Yah, **** it then. Sometimes you just gotta have that kind of attitude. [**** it then] I meanDo the impossible.


  • In the movie, “Darkest Hour,” Winston Churchill was facing strong doubt form the Cabinet for insisting on fighting Hitler instead of resorting to peace talks which was the majority's opinion back then.

    映画「Darkest Hour」では、当時の大多数の意見であった和平交渉に頼らず、ヒトラーとの戦いを主張したことで、内閣から強い疑念を持たれていました。

  • [Europe is still…] [Europe is lost! And before our forces are wiped out completelyNow is the time to negotiate.]

    欧州はまだ... 欧州は失われた!我が軍が全滅する前に 今こそ交渉の時だ]

  • He had no allies at all, nobody form the inside, the U.S. wasn't stepping in. But he made this audacious call to evacuate tens of thousands of Brith soldiers from Dunkirk with merely civilian boats.

    彼には同盟者は全くいなかった 内部には誰もいなかった 米国は介入しなかったしかし、彼はこの大胆な呼びかけをしてダンカークから数万人のブリスの兵士を民間のボートだけで避難させた。

  • [You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.]

    (誠人の声) 頭が虎の口に入っていると 虎に理屈は通らない。

  • And that became a crucial turning-point in the beginning of World War 2.


  • It's these moments that become turning-points in our lives. And it's these moments that you gotta stand tall, you gotta hold your ground. And sometimes just mute all those people who are trying to talk you out of it.

    人生の転機となる瞬間ですその瞬間こそが 人生の転機となるのです 堂々と立って 踏ん張らなければなりません時には説得してくる人たちを黙らせるのもいいでしょう

  • It's not acting haphazardly. It's knowing clearly what you're looking for and taking that leap of faith!


  • Note that I said, know clearly what you're looking for 'cos bravery is not a blind act. It's knowing your enemies, knowing your risks, knowing your boundaries, knowing what you're striving for, and knowing whether or not it's worth the price.


  • There is no universal guideline to this but to set you in a right direction I would say, ”Be extremely audacious in doing good and extremely fearful of doing evil. Then everything will turn out smoothly.”


  • Be audacious! And know that a courageous heart is not necessarily used to star a fight but a man with a courageous heart is a man with a peaceful mind.


  • Peace.


Today, let's talk about courage. Being brave. Being adventurous. Audacious.



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