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Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Top Words!
My name is Alisha, and today we're going

to be talking about 10 Break Up Lines.
These are lines that you can use when

you want to end a romantic relationship.
Let's go!
I need my space.
So if you feel the other person is
maybe just always with you,

always looking for time, or just
bothering you,

whatever, it doesn't matter. You don't
want to spend time with that person

anymore, you can say I need my space.
"Oh do you want to go to the movies with
me this weekend? It was so much fun to

see you yesterday, and we can do
something tomorrow, and then we can go to

the movies together too, don't you think it
will be great?"

"Actually, I need my space."
I need to focus on my career.
So maybe you're really really busy
with work, or you're just looking for an

excuse to break up with the person. To
break up with someone you can say,I'm

really sorry, but right now I need to
focus on my career.

I think we need a break.
This is after you've been seeing someone for some time,
and you decide that maybe they're not
the right person for you.

You can say, I think we need a break. Be
careful though, this phrase sounds like

there's a chance you may get back
together in the future. If you don't feel

that there's a chance you will be
continuing to see this person, maybe

choose a different line to break up with them.
I think we're moving too fast.
This is an expression you might use towards the
beginning of a relationship, maybe for
example, you meet someone and then you

start dating them, and then a month
later they're, like, let's move in

together! And then three months later
it's like, oh let's get married, or

whatever. The pace of the relationship
seems too fast, you can say "I think we're

moving too fast." So if you say this
phrase maybe it doesn't mean that you

want to break up, but just this pace is
too fast for me, let's slow down.

I'm just not ready for this kind of

This could have many different meanings,
maybe the relationship is very serious
and you're not looking for a serious relationship.

You can say "I'm not ready for this kind
of relationship", saying I'm not ready

sounds like it's me, it's my problem.
I'm not ready for this kind of

It's not you, it's me.
There's no problem with you,
rather I have a problem.

Maybe they're just struggling with some
things that they're not...

they don't want to bring into a
relationship, or maybe they're just

trying to be polite, maybe it is you, maybe it is you,
but the other person is trying to be
kind, so you can say "it's not you it's me".

Let's just be friends.
You've been in a relationship with
someone for a while and you decide

maybe it's better if we don't date each
other, but i still like this person so

let's just be friends.
We need to talk.
Oh no! We need to talk. The dreaded "we need to talk".
If someone says we need to talk in that

we need to talk, or if you get like a
text message that is we need to talk,

it's never "we need to talk, I want to get
a puppy".

It's never a happy thing! If you see, if
you hear "we need to talk"

it's oh no something is bad at my
relationship and i'm about to hear about it.

dun dun dun
and so you can follow we need to talk
with a an actual issue that you need to

discuss about your relationship, or it
can mean the end of the relationship. You

want to talk about ending the relationship.
We should start seeing other people.
The next break up line is
we should start seeing other people.

Ouch! It means i don't want to see you
anymore. Ah! One point about this, when we are

in a relationship with someone, there are
a couple of different verbs that we use.

we use the verb seeing, to see someone;
and to date, to go out with, those are a few.

So in this expression, we see "we should
start seeing other people" so it doesn't

mean just like stand across the room
I see another person, I see you! Hi!
No, it means date, it means be in a
relationship with. We use the verb "to see"

for that, one of the things that is sad
about this phrase is that if someone

uses the phrase "we should start seeing other people"
there's a good chance that person is
already seeing someone else.

Ouch! Ouch!
You deserve better.
The next phrase is "you deserve better".
Oh! So if someone says to you,

you deserve better, like, I think we
should end the relationship, you deserve

better, it means that the person feels
they are not good enough, they're not

enough for you.
And so they think you should find
someone better than the person saying

the phrase. Again this could be a sincere
expression or it could just be a very

polite and kind way to end a
relationship with someone.

That's the end! Those are 10 phrases that you can
use to break up or to discuss a serious matter

in a relationship.
I hope that you don't need to use these
words, and i hope that you don't have to

hear these words, but in case you do
those are some of the things that the
other person might be trying to

communicate. So thank you very much for
watching this episode of Top Words.

Please please please be sure to

and we will see you again next time for
more fun stuff. Bye!

So depressing! So depressing! We
should start seeing other people. If I

say in a happy voice and doesn't seem so sad.


Learn the Top 10 English Break-Up Lines - English Vocabulary

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