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  • (Image source: Cult of Mac)


  • It's a question that has baffled PC users since the early 1980s: Why the three-finger

  • salute of Control-Alt-Delete to log into programs? Now the man behind the company that created

  • it is coming clean.

  • In a question-and-answer session at Harvard University, Bill Gates was asked about the

  • keyboard shortcut.

  • "Why, when I want to turn on my software and computer, do I need to have three fingers?

  • Control-Alt-Delete. Where is that from?"

  • Gates then stumbled through a fairly technical response before throwing his hands up and

  • settling on: "It was a mistake." (Via Harvard University)

  • According to Gates, the company could have simply gone with a single button but was talked

  • out of it by the keyboard designers at IBM. (Via Sky News)

  • That's not exactly the way IBM designer David Bradley, who created the shortcut in 1981,

  • remembers it, though. In a 2001 forum with CNET, he explained: "I originally intended

  • for it to be what we would now call an Easter egg, just something we were using in development.

  • ... I have to share the credit. I might have invented it, but I think Bill made it famous."

  • Regardless of who was to blame, the three keys were reportedly chosen to keep users

  • from inadvertently triggering a restart of their computerswith the delete button

  • far away from Control and Alt. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Sven)

  • Functionality aside, though, a writer for Slate still thinks the command was a bad idea,

  • nodding to another company that made things a little simpler.

  • "Can you imagine Steve Jobs requiring users to perform such a wonky key command before

  • they could begin to use an Apple device?"

  • During last Saturday's interview, Gates also touched on his philanthropy work with his

  • wife, Melinda; dropping out of Harvard; and even working with Apple in the 1990s, saying:

  • "In the Apple II era, we were kind of friendly competitors. We actually put more people on

  • the Mac than Apple had." (Via CNN)

(Image source: Cult of Mac)


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ビル・ゲイツ氏、コントロール・Alt・Deleteのショートカットを「間違い」と表現 (Bill Gates Calls Control-Alt-Delete Shortcut a 'Mistake')

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