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Ielts Band 9 Essay 1
Question: Should museums and art galleries be free of
charge for the general public, or should a charge, even a voluntary charge, be levied
for admittance?
Discuss this issue and give your opinion.
Answer: Museums and art galleries all around the world
provide people with the opportunity to view and experience historical information.
Even though these places hold priceless artefacts, an important issue resides around the accessibility
and whether or not they should be free.
In my opinion, museums and art galleries should reserve the right to charge a fee upon entry
just like many other attractions.
To begin with, there are many people who hold the view that museums should be free for key
Firstly, museums are public services and therefore should be available to anyone without the
restriction of monetary funds.
Also, they argue that fewer people would visit if a fee was required at entry.
For example, only the wealthy or people with more disposable income could afford the enjoyment
of visiting museums.
Consequently, this group see the negative effects clearly of charging a fee for museums.
In contrast, many people see that charging a fee is important for any museum or art gallery.
They see that the value of the artefacts held in these places deserve to be valued by the
general public.
In addition, Governments generally do not have sufficient money to fund such institutions,
and as a result, other priorities are made rather than art galleries and museums.
For instance, by charging a fee, these places could also purchase more artefacts and maintain
the services much better.
For this reason, they see charging a fee is necessary.
In my opinion, it is clear that the benefits of charging a fee greatly outweigh the benefits
of providing free access.
Usually the entry fees are not high, or not too high for most people, which means that
as long as the fees are reasonably low a high percentage of the population could still visit
these institutions.
To summarize, the topic of providing access to museums and art galleries free of charge
will always be a topic for intense discussion, it is important to recognize the larger and
longer-term benefits that these institutions bring to the world.
Ielts Band 9 Essay 2
Question: Many historic buildings are being destroyed
or replaced.
What are the reasons for this?
What should be done to preserve these buildings?
Answer: Our world is constantly changing due to urban
development and an increasing population.
A result of this is the destroying or replacing of many historic buildings and once they are
lost, they are lost forever.
There are several reasons which cause this to occur, but more importantly, there are
specific things that should be done in order to preserve these historic buildings.
There are several reasons which cause the loss of historic buildings and this is usually
based on the current purpose of the individual building.
Many old buildings were used for residential purposes and do not serve a huge purpose in
the current day.
For example, these old style residential buildings generally attract lower socio-economic groups
which bring more problems and reduced safety.
Buildings that are being destroyed or replaced are done so, simply because they do not serve
a good purpose in the current climate.
The preservation of historic buildings is important, however there needs to be a clear
reason for preservation.
Government houses and civic buildings are examples of buildings which still serve a
purpose today and will do so into the future.
For example, an old run-down residential block of units does not serve the purpose that a
Government house would due to the current and future value it brings today and in the
Therefore, it is important to clarify the current and future use of a historic building
to determine whether it should be destroyed or not.
In conclusion, it is true that many historical buildings are being destroyed or replaced.
However, in today's society, strict rules are enforced to clearly differentiate the
historical buildings which do not serve a purpose moving into the future as opposed
to the buildings that do.
Therefore, the preservation should not be implemented for every historic building.
Ielts Band 9 Essay No.3
Question (Proposal): Using a computer every day can have more negative
than positive effects on children.
Do you agree or disagree?”
Answer: Since computers were invented, they have becoming
more and more involved in our everyday way of living.
Computers are now used for social, business and entertainment purposes.
However, many people pose the question whether the use of computers on children has more
of a negative effect or a positive one.
In my opinion, the daily use of computers by adolescent children does have a much greater
negative effect than positive for two main reasons.
Firstly, even though computers make life a lot of fun when a person is growing up, this
contributes to a lack of physical exercise and subsequent fitness.
As all health experts and doctors recommend, everybody should be doing some kind of exercise
every day to keep their body in shape.
The problem with using a computer everyday means that their bodies are not being exercised
which contradicts the recommendations of medical professionals.
I personally remember when I was younger, several friends would spend hours playing
computer games and subsequently were never good at school sports.
Furthermore, the impact of daily computer use also affects a young person's social
When a person is an adolescent, they are constantly learning about the world and a large part
of this period is social awareness.
Using the computer does not allow a child to socialize with other children, which in
turn causes their development to slow.
As an illustration, social inability affects not only a person in social situations but
also for future purposes like work and adult relationships.
To summarize, I completely agree that the daily use of computers have more of a negative
effect on children because, in essence, a child needs physical exercise and social stimuli
for positive growth and high computer use simply does not allow this to happen.


3 Ielts Band 9 Essays Read Out Loud For You - Episode 1 (Essay 1,2,3)

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