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Hi guys welcome back to my channel!
This is Trang and today I wanna share with you some tips
that you can use to develop a longer and better answer
in part 3 of the IELTS speaking test
This video is kind of a follow up with my previous videos
because I'm gonna use example questions from those topics
so if you're ready, let's get started!
I'll take the following question as my example:
for this kind of question of course you can not just answer
"yes, it is" or "no, it's not"
they are too short!
So tip #1: you should add reasons to support your opinion
it's a little better right?
tip #2: use examples to expand your answers
for example:
tip #3: talk about possibilities
it is something that you're not sure about
and here are some useful words and phrases that you can use:
tip #4: discuss the other side of the argument
for example:
please note that you don't have to use all 4 tips in every answers
you can just do the combination of 1-2 tips
as long as you feel comfortable
and that's the most important thing.
tip #5: if you don't know what to say, make something up
for example
you know I had no idea whether that is true or not
but guess what?
it doesn't matter!
remember "your opinions" aren't important, but "how you respond" is
here is the last tip for you guys
use filler phrases to give yourself some more time
they will be very useful
but it doesn't mean you can use them after every single sentence though
you should save them up for the ones that are more difficult, ok?
some of you might think
what if I don't have any ideas
can't give any examples
or can't make anything up
what should I do? what should I say?
so in this case even though you can't come up with any ideas
give the examiner a reason
then you should still try to give some thoughts about the question
and try to use tip #3: talk about possibilities
for example
worst case scenario, you could ask the examiner
if you could change another question
because hesitation is not very good for your speaking score
and again use the filler expression I just mentioned earlier
to avoid any long silences
now let's jump into some example answer for the topic:
last but not least
it's time for an awesome quote about time punctuality
that's all for today
I hope you guys find this helpful
you guys can try to practice answering the questions
in the comment down below
I will see you next time. bye!


IELTS Speaking 3 | How to expand your answer

109 タグ追加 保存
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