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  • Hi guys, welcome to my channel.

  • This is Trang and today I'm gonna talk about

  • a very common topic in IELTS speaking test. It is:

  • So let's get started!

  • Part 2 of the speaking test,

  • you're given 1 minute to prepare your answer,

  • so make sure you'll cover 4 important points.

  • So which country you want to visit?

  • and where is it located?

  • In this part, even though the question is about a country you haven't been to,

  • you really should talk about a country that you HAVE been to

  • or at least know about.

  • In reality, you may have visited Thailand, China, Singapore,

  • but you've never been to Canada, Sweden or South Africa.

  • If you know very little about these countries,

  • you would be in a very difficult position to talk about them, right?

  • So, pick the one you know the most,

  • beside Vietnam.

  • The examiner is not going to

  • check your passport to see, whether you've really been there or not.

  • In this point you can describe the country in general.

  • Is it a modern country?

  • or a very fast-growing country?

  • or this country still remains rustic and traditional.

  • You can also talk about the people.

  • It's pretty easy.

  • You can always use this structure:

  • "People here are said to be very ... and ...; ... and ..."

  • But, make sure you always use the positive words like:

  • friendly, hard-working, polite, humble, open-minded...

  • Things like that.

  • You don't want to say something like:

  • The people here are said to be rude and dangerous,

  • you shouldn't walk outside without being fully armed”.

  • It doesn't work out very well, does it?

  • With this part, you can just prepare 1-2 well-known places to talk about in detail.

  • For example, if you say you wanna go to China,

  • make sure you talk about:

  • the Great Wall

  • or the Forbidden city

  • If you want to go to France?

  • talk about the Eiffel Tower

  • or the Louvre Museum.

  • America?

  • Disney World

  • Statue of Liberty

  • White House

  • Golden Gate Bridge

  • Grand Canyon National Park, etc.

  • You get the idea!

  • This part is like the conclusion of everything you just said.

  • But you don't want to repeat all over again.

  • Just finish your speech, short and sweet.

  • Now let's jump into an example answer.

  • There you go!

  • It's not that difficult right?

  • Speaking of difficult, I wanna share with you guys

  • one of my favorite Quote:

  • That's all for today.

  • I hope you guys find this helpful and

  • let me know in the comment down below

  • which topic you'd like me to cover.

  • See you next time. Bye!

Hi guys, welcome to my channel.


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IELTSスピーキング2:行ってみたい国を説明する (IELTS Speaking 2: Describe a country you want to visit)

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