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  • Hi there! This is Mark from with another high band IELTS answer.

  • This IELTS question is all about goals. Should parents set goals for their

  • children? I think they should yeah. I think that would be a very productive

  • thing to do for a child, provided that the child is also interested in the goal

  • and it's something that the child wants to achieve. I think it can develop some

  • important characteristics or some important traits in that child. When the

  • child has to work towards those goals, they will discover determination,

  • concentration, and discipline, as well as the time it takes to achieve something

  • notable or achieve an ambition. I think those are healthy traits to nurture in a

  • child, and it can give them something to aim for. The parents can also use it to

  • motivate and reward their child, which makes parenting a little bit easier. And

  • it can help children set future goals for themselves as they get older. So I

  • think there are lots of good reasons to set goals for children. Want more? Check

  • out for more IELTS courses lessons and tips!

Hi there! This is Mark from with another high band IELTS answer.


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IELTSスピーキングの答え - 第30話「目標 (IELTS Speaking Answers - Episode 30 - Goals)

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