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  • Ahh, Bilgewater.

  • A port city like no other

  • home to serpent-hunters, dock-gangs

  • and all manner of weird and wonderful folk from across the known world.

  • No better place to seek your fortune and make your name...

  • tread careful, though

  • or your purse and your throat'll be cut as soon as you step onto the wharf.

  • There's no law in Bilgewater, after all.

  • It's an old place, with its fair share of myths and legends

  • who even knows how many are true?

  • But

  • If it's stories you're after

  • well

  • you've come to the right place...

Ahh, Bilgewater.


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ビルグウォーターの伝説。深海のトールテイルズ|オーディオドラマ(前編6) (Legends of Bilgewater: Tall Tales of the Deep Sea | Audio Drama (Part 1 of 6))

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