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Two ways of writing the introduction hands down. There are many ways to write
an introduction. In this video, I'm going to teach you the two easiest and most
effective ways to write the introduction.
The first way of writing the introduction hands down is by
paraphrasing sentences in the question. After paraphrasing sentences in the
all you need to do is to present your position clearly in one sentence which
will be your thesis statement. It functions to guide your readers and let
them understand what your essay is about. If you write your introduction in this way,
your introductory paragraph is likely to consist of two or three
sentences. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of
paraphrasing or have no idea what it is, paraphrasing is a way of
rewriting sentences using different sentence structures or vocabulary while
preserving the meaning of the original sentences. In this way, you'll be able to
keep the key idea that was in the original sentence but only express it in
a different way.
Simply speaking, the content is the same but only how the content is
delivered is different.
Imagine jam in a jar and the same jam spread on a slice of bread. In fact, they
are the same jam! Now let's take a look at sample questions and write
introductions by paraphrasing, I'm going to use sample question 2 as our first
example. First you should paraphrase the sentences. You have two sentences in the
question followed by instructions. All you need to do is to paraphrase the two
sentences that provide context. Then you need to give a thesis statement that
directly responses to the instruction and give an idea of what your essay isabout.
These are the two sentences that you need to paraphrase. Remember, what you
need to do is to keep the main ideas
as they are in the original sentences but deliver them differently.
Here's how I've paraphrased them. It is undeniable that famous sports players
gain a lot more income than those engaged in important occupations. Some
people believe it is fair
whilst others think this can be barely justified. Now, look at how the main ideas are
expressed differently in the new sentences by comparing the two versions:
original and paraphrased. I started my new sentence with 'it is undeniable that...'
This changes the whole sentence structure. In the question it states
'successful sports professionals.' The new sentence says 'famous sports players'.
Instead of 'earn,' the word 'gain' is used. In place of 'a great deal more money,' I wrote
'a lot more income'. In place of writing 'people in other important professions.'
I wrote 'those engaged in important occupations.' In the second sentence I
wrote 'believe,' in place of 'think'. Instead of writing 'fully justified,' I wrote 'fair'
I substituted 'unfair' with 'can barely be justified.'
Please note that synonyms come in handy when paraphrasing. Therefore, the more
vocabulary you know, the easier it becomes to paraphrase. Different
vocabulary changes the complexion of sentences and make them look colorful
and different from the original sentences. After you've paraphrased the
sentences in the question, always add one sentence that directly answers the
instructional sentence in the question at the end of your introduction. In this
case, the instruction asks you to discuss both these views and give your own
opinion so in your thesis statement, you can simply write, "this essay will discuss
both views then present my personal opinion." This is the completed
introduction. I'm going to use
sample question two as our next example. Let's have a look at it. In this question,
you only have one sentence that gives context. This is the only sentence that
you need to paraphrase. Here's my example. "There is no doubt that we are producing
a great amount of rubbish
nowadays." I started with "there's no doubt..." and this gives an impression that my
sentence is different from the original sentence in the question paper. I
replaced 'more and more rubbish' with 'a greater amount of rubbish.' I also placed
the word 'nowadays' at the end of the sentence. I simply paraphrased the
original sentence into a new one. All there is left for me to do in order to
complete my introductory paragraph is to respond to instructional sentences in
one simple thesis statement.
Hence I added, "this essay will examine the causes of this problem and suggest
what the government can do to solve this problem." Now i'm done with my
introduction and ready to take up for body paragraphs.The second way of
writing the introduction hands down is by using a funnel structure. Imagine a


Writing an essay introduction: Score High IELTS Writing (General Training Module)

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