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  • Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel!

  • This is Trang and today I want to talk about a pretty interesting topic

  • that my friend asked me about a couple of days ago:

  • So let's get started!

  • It could be a time you arrived early for a train going home

  • or for a flight traveling somewhere.

  • It could be a time you arrived early for an appointment,

  • a meeting, a contest or an important exam.

  • It could be a time you arrived early to prepare for a party.

  • Like a surprise birthday party!

  • There are tons of ideas you can choose for this topic

  • just make sure you pick something special

  • so you have a lot to talk about.

  • For this point, you can describe the place where you arrived early.

  • For example you might have had an early flight

  • and you were wandering around the airport

  • and saw an incredible sunrise.

  • Or you can describe your school in the early morning.

  • you came so early that you could feel the fresh air

  • and listen to the birds chirp.

  • Something like that.

  • For me, this is a chance to make your speech longer.

  • For example, if you talk about a contest or a party,

  • Talk about what you did.

  • Did you have to arrange or prepare something?

  • Did you have to go to stores to buy things?

  • Did you practice your song or practice dancing?

  • What about other people? What did they do?

  • Talk about how important that occasion was for you personally.

  • For example, you've been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time.

  • Maybe it was your parents 30-year anniversary,

  • and you really wanted to make something special for them

  • How did people feel about it?

  • Was everyone excited?

  • Or were they thrilled or inspired?

  • For this point, you can talk about the result of the occasion.

  • Was it successful?

  • Were you happy with the result?

  • Were you glad that you arrived early?

  • And now, let's hear an example answer.

  • Here are some useful words and phrases that I used in my example.

  • So, do you like surprises?

  • If not, here is a great quote for ya!

  • That's all for today.

  • I hope you guys enjoy this video.

  • See you next time, bye!

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel!


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IELTSスピーキング2:早く到着した時間を記述する (IELTS Speaking 2: Describe a time you arrived early )

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