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Hi, people I'm Masa
This time I want to show you guys
how to make Dashi
With this Dashi, you can make loads of dishes, like
miso soup, oden, hot pot
braised dishes, cha-wan mushi....
So, you can make a lot at home
put it in the freezer, it's really convenient
Let's get started!
Katsuo bushi/Shredded bonito can be easily found in a supermarket!
Thick or thin slices is up to you!
Konbu/Sea kelp can also be found as well!
Choose the dry and thick ones, also in a dark green color
If you see the white powder on them
it's not moldy, this is normal
the powder is from the kelp itself
We called "umami"
It's the powder that gives the stock flavor
So DON'T wash them away!
If you want it clean, use a cloth to wipe gently
The dashi,
there is also a proportion to follow
100% water with 1% kelp
then about
2% Katsuo bushi/Shredded bonito
So, with 1000 cc of water
you can add
10g of kelp
20g of Katsuo bushi/Shredded bonito
You can change the mount of the two ingredients
it's up to you!
10g of kelp, cut into pieces
Add 1000 cc water, rest them about 30 minutes
Now there's a lot of flavor in the water!
Turn up to medium-low heat and cook for 10 minutes
(Don't let it boil!)
10 minutes later
Turn up to high heat and let it boil
When it starts to boil, turn off the heat and take out the kelp
If not, the impurities of the kelp will come out
Add 20g Katsuo bushi/Shredded bonito
Turn up to medium heat and let it boil again
Remove the bubbles from the stock
Let it boil about 1~2 minutes then turn down thegas
If not, the smell of the Katsuo bushi/Shredded bonito will come out
Rest until the Katsuo bushi/Shredded bonito sink to the bottom
Use a cloth placed on top of a siever
it's still okay, but usually,
while sieving,
the cloth will become slopy
if it is okay with you,
add another siever
like so
the cloth will be fixed to the siever
Squeeze the Katsuo bushi/Shredded bonito gently to remove excess water
Now the dashi is done!
Make some more and put it in a freezer
put them into a ice box is also fine!
You can preserve them about 2~3 weeks
Thaw them in a pot to use them
After the cooking process,
what about the rest ingredients?
Like kelp,
I shared a oden recipe
tied them into a knot
put them into the soup
Add them into hot pot or braised them is also fine
Shred the kelp
Add some sesame oil and turn up to medium heat
Add Katsuo bushi/Shredded bonito
After it's dry, then add shredded kelp
Spread the kelp evenly
a spoon of sake, 1/2 spoon of mirin
a spoon of soy, 2 tsp of sesame
Stir, and done!
It's tasty with the rice!
Make a small dish like this,
can be a garnish in your lunch box
Make dashi at home,
if you don't know how to deal with the ingredients
you can try this out!
Thanks for watching!



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