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  • They say that the movement won't work in Kansas.

  • They say, "Don't go to Kansas,

  • they won't accept you there.

  • They won't share your values there,

  • that you won't have common ground with anyone."

  • We all know that that is not true.

  • Welcome to Wichita, home of Koch Industries,

  • as in billionaire Republican megadonors

  • Charles and David Koch.

  • This district hasn't sent a Democrat to Congress

  • in over 20 years.

  • Trump won the general election in Kansas by a landslide.

  • But the left has an interesting story here.

  • Bernie Sanders got twice as many votes

  • as Hillary Clinton in the primary.

  • Sanders's message of universal health care

  • and affordable education resonates with Kansans.

  • I'm a single father.

  • My occupation right now is construction.

  • I do a lot of remodeling.

  • I'm a huge supporter of Bernie.

  • And I think it's awesome that Alexandria, you know,

  • won the election there.

  • Thousands here recently lined up

  • to see rising Democratic star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  • and Senator Sanders.

  • The pair came to Kansas to rally

  • for progressive Democrat House candidates.

  • Leftists are hoping that Ocasio-Cortez's stunning win

  • in New York's 14th District can serve as a model

  • even in red states.

  • The people support the ideas that James is campaigning on.

  • All right?

  • It's just a question of bringing them to the polls.

  • If James wins here,

  • this will be not only another

  • progressive member to the Congress,

  • this'll be a shot heard aroundnot just this country

  • the world.

  • I'm excited and humbled to be here.

  • Happy people.

  • Because I'm a teacher

  • and have concerns about funding,

  • not only in my classroom, but just across districts,

  • I felt it was important to come.

  • I work in a population that is very impoverished.

  • During the winter you would see our kids

  • coming to school in blankets.

  • I'm so happy to introduce Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  • This is the defining moment,

  • not just for the state of Kansas,

  • but for this nation.

  • The thing is is that there are a lot of working families here.

  • There's a lot of blue collar here.

  • And I think the reason that Trump won resoundingly here

  • was because of that.

  • It was very empowering to hear her speak.

  • She comes from the Bronx.

  • I grew up in one of the poorest zip codes in Wichita,

  • so it's very moving to be here today

  • because it hits home.

  • You all are very lucky, and very blessed

  • to have James Thompson as a candidate.

  • To have a man that so truly cares for the needs

  • of working-class people

  • and fights for the dignity of his neighbors.

  • You're very lucky.

  • Because I know what it's like to struggle to make ends meet.

  • What it's like to have to choose between,

  • you know, paying for food for your kids or paying the rent.

  • It's a long shot for Thompson.

  • But even if he comes close,

  • it will be further proof of concept for progressives

  • who want to reimagine the Democratic Party

  • and take back power from Republicans.

  • We must've gotten off at the wrong stop

  • because people told me that Kansas

  • was a Republican state.

  • Doesn't look like that today.

They say that the movement won't work in Kansas.


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