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  • you know often you get some food served to you and you think how the hell am i going to shoot this

  • but you have to somehow do it possibly the worst things are curries

  • curries are always shockers to shoot i've done a couple of curry books

  • and you know you have to try and make them look great and its hard you know it is a lot of

  • often a lot of oil

  • very reflective

  • very glisteney very shiny

  • but you know often a lot of very brown food

  • this is quite a challenging dish

  • its a pie

  • a big brown pie and the

  • challenge with this because its quite a dry pie because its all very similar in colour

  • but also

  • with a pie you have got to get into

  • the

  • cakes as well you have got to get inside it so you can see all the details

  • of whats going in to that pie otherwise its just a

  • you know is just topping

  • or a siding

  • you need to see whats in there all the details so

  • it's a slight challenge with your daylight you know you really

  • have got to get the light right in to that

  • crack of the pie that you've made so rather than them reflecting from the side as i was doing

  • i'm reflecting directly as you can see directly into the pie

  • you can see how it changes even with that gentle light it changes so much

  • by just little movements

  • food stylists are very good at playing with herbs and garnishes dressings things like that

  • give interest you know

  • a piece of

  • lettuce might look rather dull on its own

  • but if its slightly back lit with some beautiful dressing

  • maybe some oil and vinegar maybe some pomegranate juice or something like that

  • and that's were food stylists are clever they learn all these little tricks

  • if you want to see more of my food photography masterclass videos click on the links now

you know often you get some food served to you and you think how the hell am i going to shoot this


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デヴィッド・ロフタス写真マスタークラス - 食への挑戦 (David Loftus Photography Masterclass - Food Challenges)

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