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  • I'm training a sled dog right now.


  • My friend sasha


  • is curating a pack of cute cuddly sled dogs,


  • that she's training to be a team.


  • I was told to turn around as soon as I got to the polar bear warning sign.


  • Sasha gave me this vest and said that if you leave the settlement without a gun

    ロシアのそり犬は 北極で発展したんです

  • you have to be wearing something bright to scare off polar bears... Okay.

    私たちの目標は、すべての種類の 伝統的なロシアそり犬を育てることです

  • Now I'm running with a dog named little snowball.

    ホッキョクグマ注意の標識が見えたら すぐに戻ってくるようにと言われました

  • Come on Little Snowball, let's do this.

    サシャがこの黄色いベストをくれました 基地から銃無しで離れるなら、

  • So it Sasha's goal to curate a group of Russian dogs.

    明るいモノを見につけてクマを 怖がらせないといけないんだそうです

  • This dog is named Dan, and he's giving me a run for my money.

    いま、ロシア語で「小さな雪玉」と名付けられた 犬と走っています

  • Here's a tricky thing about these dogs being Russian dogs: even though they have an


  • origin in Russian traditional culture meaning these breeds were literally


  • created by Russian communities many years ago - even though that's the case


  • dog breeding in the 20th century became this very official enterprise and with


  • that came all this authority and bureaucracy surrounding and it's kind of


  • these international conventions and authorities to set the parameters of


  • what is a husky? And what is a golden retriever? Excuse my ignorance I don't

    たとえこの犬にロシア犬の伝統文化的な 流れがあろうと、

  • really know many dog breeds.

    言い換えるなら、この犬種は本当にロシア人たちが 育ててきた犬なのですが、

  • But during this time, when dog breeding became super official


  • and international, the Soviet Union was isolated from the


  • world. People from the Soviet Union couldn't go to dog shows in Spain and

    20世紀のドッグブリーディングは 公式に事業化したのですが、

  • Portugal and the United States and so because of that the Western world kind

    この時に権威と官僚主義も 一緒になって発生しました

  • of co-opted these breeds.


  • So, all these Russian dogs that we're looking at here,


  • are technically under the authority and administered by the Nordic Dog Union.

    「ハスキーとは何か?」 「ゴールデンレトリーバーの定義は?」 と言ったように、制限を設けました

  • It's kind of a strange irony. I'm not going to tell Sasha that, it might

    …僕が犬種に詳しくないのを 勘弁してください

  • burst her bubble, but to me little snowball you'll


  • always be Russian.

    ドッグブリーディングが世界的に、 正式なものになっていくこの時に、

  • Here we are again with Tor, who happens to be not only Norwegian


  • and Nordic but also the son of a world-renowned dog breeder and dog show

    ソ連の人たちはスペインで 行われたドッグショーに参加できませんでした

  • judge. So Tor, are these dogs Russian or do they belong to the authority of the


  • Nordic Dog Union? Yeah, so I've talked to my mom about this and she was like oh yeah

    だから共産国の人たちは、 この時にできた犬種名を非公式に使っているんです

  • they're all Nordic. But then I was like, but it's Siberian husky and it's Samoyed and it's from

    だから ここで見られるロシア犬は、

  • Siberia. Like, clearly these are Russian.

    実際のところは 北欧犬協会の管理下のもとにあります

  • I think they're Russian. They're developed

    変な皮肉ですよね サシャに教えてあげましょう

  • 3,000 years ago by Inuits and Siberian peoples and then some Europeans just


  • "discovered" them or take them away from the Communists and just say like oh we're


  • going to take over from here, good job.


  • I think they're Russian.

    僕にとって 君はいつでもロシア犬だよ

I'm training a sled dog right now.



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