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One of my passions, is really to surprise the customer,
surprise the guests.
We are always looking to play with different flavours, different textures,
different types of items.
I love to surprise our guests with special creations,
made of classic ingredients with a little twist.
From the moment you walk through the doors, it is like a luxury palace.
Walk in, and you can feel the luxury,
you listen to the beautiful music, you taste the beautiful food,
you smell the beautiful flowers.
You're well taken care of.
The music hasn't stopped; it just tinkles in the background as you enjoy your luxurious
afternoon tea.
We put a lot of love into the creation of our afternoon tea.
To treat them with the best quality they could expect from a five-star hotel in London.
At every stage there's a new surprise, it really is the most fabulous treat.
Something people should do more often.
It's just really nice to be able to make that moment special for them.
The flavours of everything we cook at cookery school are really wonderful.
At home I adore trying to recreate what I've found in restaurants or bakeries. It makes
me very happy.
It has to look pretty, and it has to be delicious,
but it has to have that kind of refined look and feel and taste to it so,
hopefully that's what we'll be recreating in these tasks today.
Fresh ingredients, local ingredients, like the flour we get comes straight from the mill,
the eggs come straight from the farm, the butter,
it's really good old-fashioned proper food.
It's just the smell of everything, it just smells amazing.
It's hard not to lick your fingers!
If you use wonderful ingredients, you get wonderful food!


Afternoon tea in London - a delightful experience

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