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You would never eat a real worm right??(NOPE)
Cause i would never eat a real worm would you? No
We would never under real circumstances
But today one of us at the end of this video
Is gonna find out what it feels like to eat a real worm!
because our dad is the
one who went through all…

of your comments, picked them out,..
Bought the gummy foods, an the real foods
and so we're going to be surprised.
So this right here, is the first food,
that a ton of you guys
suggested, we have no idea

what it is.
- I hope it's good.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait wait, wait, wait,!!!!

- Oh my gosh!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait,

wait, wait, wait.
- [Together] Dude!!!!!!!!!

00:00:39,085 --> 00:00:40,615
- Oh my gosh!
- Three, two, one!

(screaming anxiously) AHHHHHH
- [Together] Bro!!!!!!!
- This is,
- Oh!

- How does one eat it, just like a fish?
See the thing is, I don't
even know how one would

go about about this!!
Oh, look at it, it's squishy. 0.0 (Weird…)
- You're going to hit her in the middle?……… 0.0?
- Well where do you eat a fish?!!
- You're using a butter
knife, bro thats not for cutting

- Look it, I don't have anything else…
- This is good…!
What are they, Swedish fish?!?!! (YESSS)
- Dude I can't!
- Don't disrespect the fish!!
- Fam, I might have to like (grunting __._.__ )
it's little finn
(flapping tongue…)
Oh wait, no, no, no, I
got a little bit of it!!!

I got it, there we go.…
It's got scales everywhere!!
For the Fam!!!
I taste the ocean!!!!!!!!!
(laughing) Next round!
Here we go.…
I think it's gonna be delicious, but,……
three, two, one.…
- Oh, what is that?!
- Dude that's an eyeball!!!!!!!!
- Oh my, what?!
- That's an eyeball!!!!
- What, I can't eat this.…

I can't eat that!!!
- I got the gummy ones.
- Dude, I'm gonna throw up……
- The smell is nauseating.
- Oh my gosh!!

- Nau, nauseating, nau-…
(beeping) BEEEPPP
I am going to enjoy this,…
so I got some gummy………………………
- This is so bad

- Eyeballs here.…
- Do I really have to eat this?!
I'm definitely not picking
this up with my fingers.!.

- Mm, it's gummy but it's
also, it kind of tastes…

like gum, it's got like
a bubblegum flavor to it.…

- Oh, it's squishy bro!!

Oh my gosh!!!!
Okay, I literally feel
like I'm gonna throw up.!!!!

Oh, it's lookin at me, it's lookin at me. 0.0
It's on the fork, it's lookin at me. :P
Oh no.

Okay, I just got to get it over with.!!
Alright here we go, three…
- Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,!!!
first we actually, we've
got a challenge for you!

right now, we want to
see if you can subscribe!!!

to this channel, turn on the
channel Post Notifications…!

and give this video a thumbs up,!!!
in seven seconds, here we go.…
- Seven seconds.
- [Together] Seven,
six, five, four, three,

two, one, done.
- If you can leave a comment
down below, Keyper Squad,…

right now, I'm gonna be
replying to a ton of you guys!! :D

who were able to do that in seven seconds, !!!
right now Devan, here we go time!
- Bro.
- Eat the eyeball.…

- Oh dude.
- Okay, three, two, one.
It's so salty!
- (laughing) Oh man!
Yo bro, you were a trooper,
right now it's on to round number two.
A ton of you guys
suggested, whatever this is,

again I don't know what
it is, because our dad

picked em out.
But let's find out what
you guys suggested,

hopefully its delicious.
Just like the last one.
- [Together] Three, two, one.
- Yeah!
I didn't get the real ones!
That's a real egg! Ay! Ay!
- Eggs are actually kind of delicious,
you got like scrambled,
- No bro, you gotta eat those raw.
- What!?
- Bro, you can't scramble them.
- No!
- That's weak bro.

- Raw eggs?
- Dude I had a raw fish eye.
Come on.
- Oh, dude.
I've never actually like
drank raw eggs before.

- These are practically raw.
Mm, got a little citrus vibe.
It's real good.
Alright, here is your glass.
- I'm not excited about this at all.
So I think we're gonna
crack the first egg.

- [Together] Ohhhhh.....
- I guess there's no easy way around it,
gotta drink it, alright.
- Hold on.

- What?
- One more thing.
- What?
- Before swallowing,

you have to, swish em
around in you're mouth.

- That's not a thing.
If I do both, what do I get as a prize?
- You can have the rest of my gummy here.
- Okay.
- Oh my God!
- I want the gummy!
- You can have em all, bro!
Oh my gosh.
- Let's go to the next
one before I throw up.

For this round, we're making
things a little bit more

(buzzing) dangerous.
Because now, we're gonna
trade off having the ability

to swap, trays.
- What?
- So Devin, right now, you can choose,
do you want to keep the
trays we have, or swap em?

- Um, I'll just keep it, I
have no idea what I have,

- You're gonna keep is, alright.
- I'm just gonna keep it.
- So who knows, if that one's the bad one,
you could have swapped it, gave it to me,
next time it's gonna be my turn.
- Yep.
- Let's got right now.

Let's see what you guys suggested.
Three, two, one.
Hey! It's Sushi!
I love Sushi!
- Either one of these
would have been amazing!

- Sushi Dance, Sushi Dance, Sushi Dance!
Gimme that.
(pots banging) Sushi Dance,
Sushi Dance, Sushi, Sushi,

Sushi Dance!
I like Sushi a lot.
Here we go.
- Cheers.
- Whoa!
It's a marshmallow!
- Bro, you gotta try that.
- I want to try this one.
- This is so good.
- What is this?
- It looks like some liquorice stuff.
- Bro, what about this Sushi?
Or this sushi?
- Ah, that's horrible.
Here we go, the next round and remember,
I can either choose this item, or switch.
And I want to be (buzzing) dangerous.
I don't like what's in
front of me right now.

I'm gonna swap em out, so
we're gonna give it a little,

a little, shimmy, shimmy here.
- ShiMmy, shimmy roo.
- Three,
- I'm nervous.

- Two, one.
- Yeah!

- Bro!
Dude these are like, crazy hot peppers!
- I am so bad with spicy stuff!
I'm so glad I got this.
(ominous music)
- These are like hot, like,
okay, these little ones, I
think are the most intense

because they look little
- Yo.

- And like the little ones,
- Yo.

- You know they bite. What?
- These are slightly spicy.
I don't do well with spicy stuff.
It crossed my mind as I was biting it.
That this might be spicy, it is spicy.
- Why did I chew it so much!?
- My mouth is on fire.
- Dude this is actually
really, really, really hot.

- Why would you make a
gummy version of this

that's so spicy?
(breathing heavily)
- Ahh!
- Okay.
This is no joke.
This round was intense.
- Ah, ah, ah.
- Next round.
- Ah.
- Ah.

What kind of pepper is that?
Next up, my mouth, ow.
It's still in some serious
pain from that last pepper man.

Like, it's just this
after burn on my lips,

on my tongue, ow. (beeping)
Next one, we'll see
what you guys suggested.

- Wait, do we get,
- Pizza.

- to switch em or not?
- No.

- We're gonna have to, (beeping)
Well I guess Pizza's good both ways right,
so one of these is gummy.
We don't know which one though.
One of them is real.
Here we go.
- [Together] Three, two, one.
- Hey! I got the real one.
- Dude!
- I have to try a piece of that.
- I'm havin a reaction bro, look at this!
- That looks so, crazy.
That, I have to try a piece of that.
- Oh my gosh, it's a full
pizza made out of gummy!

- Bro, alright.
- And now it's time for my gummy one man.
Yeah, let me get it off.
This looks so wild!
- What the heck?
- I feel like we're gonna break the pizza.
- Don't break the pizza Devan.
- We got it.
- Dude, what if I could
fit this whole thing

into my mouth?! (dinging)
It's just so tough.
Now it is my turn to choose
whether or not we switch

or keep em, and I've had a
horrible experience thus far,

with switching.
So we're gonna keep em.
Here we go.
Three, two, one.
- Hey!
Yo, this is just a regular coke!
- I got the gummy one dude!
- Bro!
- Here we go.
- Cheers.

- Cheers, bottoms up.
- Ah!
How does it taste?
- Actually, like, just like it dude.
- It's stuck to my teeth.
I wonder, this and this.
- Oh, go!
- Mmm. (dinging)
- Next round, let's go.
This is it.
The final round.
You guys suggested, real
worms, versus gummy worms.

We don't know which one is which
and Devan it's your turn,
do you want to switch,

or leave it?
- You know what?
Last time I switched it and it was,
it actually was the best choice.
I'm just gonna do that again.
- Let's hope.
- Let's just do that again.

- Let's hope it pays off.
So we're gonna go for the switch.
- Dude, I'm so nervous.
- Oh, why would you guys suggest this?
- I have no idea.
- Three, two, please, one.
- Yeah!
- No!

They're alive!
Oh my gosh!
- It's moving!
- Oh!
- This is perfect payback,
because I've gotten so much gross stuff
throughout this entire video.
And Devan, you want to pick one up really
quick and show em?
- (moaning) Look it.
- Oh, it moved!
- It moved so fast!
- Oh it moved!
- Okay, I don't wanna go for that guy.
I don't wanna!
- Devan is about to eat this worm.
But first, if you want to be featured
in our next video, comment down below.
What are some super sour gummi's,
you would love to see us eat?
And also the Keyper of the week is,
If you want to be the Keyper of the week,
and featured in one of these videos,
all you have to do is
just check the description

down below and right now,
the finale, here we go Devan.
- No.

- You ready for this?
- Bro.

- Bro.
- Two.

- I'm gonna eat em.
One, go for it.
- Ah!
- It's moving!
Ah it moved!
(grunting and moaning)
(spitting and water running)
- Heimlich!
- That's not,
oh my gosh.
- Dude stand up.
What are you doing?
Well, there you have it.
See you guys later.
- I feel like I'm gonna puke.


Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY WORMS* Gross Real Worm Food Candy

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