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  • Hi, Byrdie fans!

  • I'm Mary Helen.

  • Welcome to Ballet Beautiful!

  • I'm here with Martha Hunt from Victoria's Secret.

  • We're gonna take you through a quick, super-targeted ab workout so you can train like an Angel.

  • So let's start back on our matyou're gonna pull the stomach in tight, arms to first position.

  • Remember, like you're holding a beach balllittle space in the fingers, like little ballerina

  • hands.

  • Okay, lower back, we're gonna pull in and lift up like a marchso down and lift as

  • you come up and two, great, and three and four, now add a twist, and twist up, great,

  • and six pulling in and seven, last one, eight, and just hold back.

  • How's that feeling?

  • Shaky!

  • Let's get to that shaky spot.

  • Okay, lift one knee, hold, yes, pulling in tight, good, change legs, good.

  • Okay, great, let's do another set.

  • Okay, different range of motion: arms up, fifth position, so a nice circle up over your

  • head.

  • Let's do four to one side, and then we'll change, so up, good, that's great.

  • Yeah, pulling in as you twist, two, good, three, and left, and change, five, suck the

  • stomach in also as you come up, and six, that's great, you're really engaging that core, good,

  • seven, good, eight, and we're gonna hold and pulse to the back, and two and three and hold.

  • Let's change sides and pulse and two, great, and three and hold.

  • Perfect!

  • Sit up, and we'll do a nice stretch.

  • Well done!

  • How were those?

  • Painful!

  • So that's focusing a little more your obliques on your waist, still great.

  • So nice bend side to side.

  • Legs straight, we're gonna come down, arms back to first position, so lower, we're gonna lift

  • one leg and come up and lift, changing legs, and two and three, pulling in as you lift,

  • and four, now add a twist, and five and six.

  • Good any time, seven, that looks great, eight, and then just hold it here, and hold two,

  • three, four, five, six, seven, good, and hold.

  • We're almost there, and three, four, good five, six, seven, eight.

  • Sit up, then release!

  • It's a good pain.

  • You're heading straight into that core, so a nice bend side to side, up and over.

  • If you'd like, add a little more stretch through your hips, and then we'll change sides,

  • good, up and over, so I always like to take a little bend through the arm after the exercise.

  • Great job!

  • Thanks for joining us, and I hope you enjoyed our Angel abs.

Hi, Byrdie fans!


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