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Today I'm going to show you how I achieve glass skin.
If you want to see more in depth of my skincare routine,
I will link my skincare routine video in the description bar. You can go check that out.
Most of the products I still use and if anything has changed,
I will introduce them in a little short footage.
I literally woke up 10 minutes ago
and I just turned on my camera so you could see what my face looks like
when I wake up in the morning. The first step, I'm gonna do is just run through my skincare
and then I will stop and mention the new products that I would be using. Gonna wash my face.
The new cleanser that I'm using right now is
Perfect Whip. I think it's from Shiseido brand. Senka. S-E-N
Having good skin, we want to prevent wrinkles, so I don't... go like that.
You just kind of massage it into my skin.
Almost out, as you can see. It's probably like my
hundredth one.
Jeju. What does it say? Jeju Sparkling Water Deep Peeling Pad.
I use this in the morning and at night. Might be a little too harsh on some people, but for me, it's okay
I... My skin can handle it, but this has really
Like, whenever I use this, I can automatically see my face. It's just like new skin.
I'm gonna use my SK II Facial Treatment Essence.
My uh... Clarins double serum, this is a new one.
And then for moisturizer,
I only use Elizabeth Arden visual... Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex.
Found that a little goes a long way with this cream.
This product right here is just so amazing.
This is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. A lot of
flight attendants use this product on flight because it's really dry in the plane.
Just gonna use a little bit and put it on my lips.
You put this on before you go to sleep, you wake up with buttery smooth lips.
For this glass skin look, we want something that's very radiant and glowing.
This is just like a strobing primer. We're just gonna use like the tiniest amount.
I'm gonna show you how little I put. It's not even a full pump... like
that much.
It's good tho. Make sure that the brush is like
lightly coated. When you start distributing the foundation, you want to start off in this area right here.
And as you blend it, you bring it up closer to the center of your face. Whatever you have left on your brush
that's what you want to use around your nose.
Once the base of your skin looks too cakey, nothing about your makeup looks natural. The key point of this look is the skin.
So you want to really focus and take your time
when you're applying this. So you can use a
Beauty Blender or one of these like little puffs. Pat it all the way in so that it's very seamless.
I'm gonna use like a small
concealer brush, like this. So as you can see, I'm just really packing the product inside the brush.
Wiping it off on my hand. Just making sure that the brush is fully packed with product. In with
this crease paint pot. Just to lighten it up, I'm just going to use like the tiniest amount.
Do you see the difference? Big difference, right?
I look a lot less tired, right?
Key for eyebrows, stroke in the direction that your eyebrow hairs grow.
Spoolie. Big brows... will give you a very nice natural look.



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