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Don't worry.
This is not an interrogation.
This is a course: Reform for Christians.
It's set up for those
who believe in Almighty God.
It specializes in thought and belief reform.
Religious belief is purely imaginary;
it is superstition and has no basis in science.
All things have evolved completely in nature.
This is the truth.
Professor, religion and superstition are different.
Only believing in God and Lord Jesus
as in the true God who created and rules over all things,
only this is authentic religious belief.
Our belief in God is not based on science.
Rather our belief is based on the words and work of God.
In China, the Communist Party is in control.
The Communist Party is a Marxist-Leninist atheist party
that opposes all theism.
The Communist Party declares all groups that believe in God guilty as cults.
Any organization that hates truth, denies, and is hostile towards God
is the real cult.
Anything that fabricates rumors to corrupt and deceive the human race
is a cult.
Anything that denies Christ,
that denies and opposes truth, or is hostile towards Christ
is a cult.
That is rude!
Transforming these people will require some effort.
In addition to torture,
we will have to use psychological techniques to alter their belief.
We will turn them by brainwashing.
Using both a light touch and a heavy fist,
this is our best chance of success.
The Almighty God whom you believe in is like Jesus,
is just an ordinary person.
Why is it you insist He is God incarnate?
Why do you insist He is the incarnate Savior of the last days?
All our truth comes from the words of Jesus Christ and of God.
Other than the Spirit of God and incarnate Christ, nobody can express truth.
No matter how many people believe in God,
who has seen Him?
To whom has God appeared?


Christian Movie Trailer "The Lies of Communism: Account of the CCP's Brainwashing" | Truth Exposed

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