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  • - [Narrator] This is the eastern bongo.

  • These beautiful chestnut and white-striped creatures

  • can only be found in four isolated regions of Kenya.

  • (mysterious music)

  • Eastern bongos are fairly large in size

  • and can weigh anywhere from 500 to 900 pounds,

  • and their horns can be as long as 40 inches.

  • In fact, their horns are as wide

  • as the widest part of their body.

  • Despite their large size,

  • eastern bongos are rather timid creatures.

  • They are herbivores.

  • They tend to eat and are most active during twilight and dusk

  • as the darkness helps them to hide from predators.

  • There is estimated to be about 100 bongos left in the wild,

  • putting them well below the critically endangered threshold.

  • Their biggest threats are hunting

  • and the destruction of their habitat.

  • In an effort to protect the eastern bongo,

  • various parts of their native habitat in Kenya

  • have been designated as shelters for them,

  • allowing the eastern bongo to move about freely and safely

  • without fear of poachers.

  • This is the eastern bongo.

  • (bright music)

- [Narrator] This is the eastern bongo.


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