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(speaks in Italian)
- My name is Simone Falco.
I'm the chef/owner of Rossopomodaro.
I've been making pizzas since I was very young.
I'm very excited today, because we're gonna
discover which one is the best
delivery pizza you can get at home.
Stay tuned.
Let's see what we have here.
Feels super soft, and a little oily.
A lot of flour underneath.
That's burnt, that's why the color is so dark.
What are these?
Maybe potatoes?
There's a gooey line right in the middle,
but looks pretty good.
Sweet is the first thing that comes.
The tomato sauce, not bad.
There's a sauce on the side.
There's a lot of butter.
It's a garlic hollandaise?
Maybe dip in there?
It's having a pizza with mayonnaise,
and maybe some people like it.
I don't really enjoy it, but I guess it's a good start.
Wow, we have the pepperoni.
Not bad.
The underneath part is cooked much better.
They might use oil or butter to make it crispy.
The smell is more of a cake, calzone more than a pizza.
The crust is stuffed with, not just cheese, but mozzarella.
I think the cheese of a better quality.
Less sugar, less doughy.
I think it's a little too soft.
Not enough tomato sauce, barely a little,
but overall it's not bad.
Pull out directly from the fridge,
get a bite before you go to bed.
I would do that.
Okay, definitely thinner crust.
I can see oregano.
The crust smells of oil.
Inside is a little tight.
It's pretty good.
I don't see sugar in the tomato sauce,
which makes me very happy.
I don't taste the sugar into the dough,
which makes me happy again.
It stays there, doesn't drip oil.
This is the pizza I would like to sit on the couch
on a Sunday, watching the football with an easy beer,
or as I prefer, the wine.
It delivers.
I think this is the best so far.
This is my favorite.
Oh my lord.
This is nice.
What is it?
It's a pie.
I see a lot of sausages, mushroom,
jalapeno, uncooked dough.
Dense, doughy, but the cooking technique is much better.
They use very good ingredients.
The heavy weight on top tastes good,
but that part feels to me soupy.
And here we are, (speaks Italian).
They use a little semolina flour to make it crispier,
which will give a nice bite, a nice touch.
The cooking technique is good.
It holds up well.
A lot, a lot, a lot of olive oil in the dough.
Sweet, sugar back.
The amount of sugar that you feel everywhere,
for me it's too much.
But overall, I guess fairly balanced.
Definitely on the top rank on the one that we tried today.
The culture of pizza is the neighbor who plays,
the family that runs it for you.
Talk with them.
Buy something more simple, and eat it hot.
(upbeat music)


Pizza Chef Reviews Delivery Pizzas

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