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Don't have sex in bars.
Just drink, have fun, and go home.
The best way to get a drink or shot for free
is be someone who comes in often and tips us well.
If you treat us well, we treat you well,
it's really that simple.
Be a big tipper.
I always remember people that tip big,
and I always get 'em a shot or buy 'em a drink.
Learn the bartender's names.
Like, get to know them when it's not super busy.
- Make a connection.
We're more likely to share a drink with them.
The worst way to get a free drink is to ask for one.
By the way, I can give you other stuff,
for free other than free drinks.
A lot of times I will get you free food or snacks,
something like french fries.
That's a total lie.
Asking for no ice or less ice does not change
the other ingredients of the drink.
Nothing else changes.
You're literally just getting less ice,
which is exactly what you asked for.
I don't know, less ice just means
disappointment most of the time.
It means you get less in the cup or you get a smaller cup.
Unless you tip and then that changes everything.
When customers ask for, like, a stronger drink,
I just put, like, two or three drops in the straw,
just to make them think it's stronger.
It kinda burn the back their throat real quick.
The amount we put of alcohol will be
the same no matter what you ask.
You can always pay for a double shot,
or you can have the cup full of ice and then it's less mixer,
which will make the flavor of the alcohol stronger.
Sounds like they want something strong,
but they don't wanna pay for it.
If you want a strong drink just order a double.
This, this is my number one pet peeve.
"Yes, I see you, you're there, there's people,''
"that are also here waiting for my attention."
This is not helping your case.
When people say, "Oh, just fix me
"your favorite drink to have."
No, what I like is not necessarily what you're gonna like,
not necessarily what your best friend's gonna like,
or what your mom's gonna like.
Most of the time I'm just gonna end up giving you
a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry.
If you wave your cash or snap at me,
or do anything obnoxious, anything that,
like, you as a human being would find annoying,
you're gonna get less attention.
- If you snap at me, you're not getting served.
Like, point blank and a period.
It's always the people that, like, schmooze you,
those are the worst tippers.
Your compliments and, like, your love for me,
doesn't pay my bills.
The best way to get a bartender's attention
is to look at them and smile.
It's like, I mean, when you meet somebody
for the first time.
The best way is just to look like you're ready.
Most of the time, bartenders are
standing in their section of the bar
to see who's ready and who's not.
So we're always looking for you, don't worry.
If you stand there, waiting, catch my eye.
Make sure I saw you and then you're good.
Patience is rewarded behind the bar.
Wait your turn.
Don't worry, I will get to you.
You will get your drink, you'll be fine.
Nobody's gonna say no to, like
a handshake with something in it.
Cash is always king.
Like, always slip cash.
If they did a really bad job and you didn't
have a lot of fun give ten percent.
If they were fine and you were kind of okay
give fifteen percent.
And if they did a good job and you had a good time,
you should give a twenty percent tip.
It's a decision that you make.
Twenty percent's a good place to start.
Do I drink on the job?
Yes, always, every single time.
I like to call it quality control.
Oh my God, you're gonna get me fired.
I used to a lot.
I can finish a whole bottle of Jamison
before I even sell one.
You make more money not, though.
I just wanna make you happy.
Drink what you wanna drink and if I can make it,
I'll make it good.



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