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- Meghan Markle becomes royalty this Saturday
when she marries Prince Harry
at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.
Along with most of England and America,
I'm obsessed with Meghan Markle.
She's just so cool.
She bucks royal traditions and wears jeans,
and not pantyhose, to royal events.
She also rocks that messy little bun.
Plus, she's not having fruitcake at her wedding,
which is like, good on you Meghan.
You have your cake and eat it too.
Meghan and I also have a ton in common.
She's getting married soon, I'm getting married soon.
Her name has a silent H, my name as a silent H.
- Follow me, but don't talk to me.
- She acts on the small screen,
and I act on the even smaller screen.
She's about to become an American princess,
well, technically a duchess, but let's not get into that.
I'm an American who's name means princess, in Hebrew.
Okay, so maybe not like a ton in common,
but we're about to have a whole lot more in common
because I'm gonna try to do all the things
Meghan does in order to get ready for her big day.
That's right.
I'm gonna go on morning runs,
use her celeb endorsed face lotion,
take that crazy Pilates machine class,
and get a buccal massage,
which is probably not what you think it is.
- Open up, just getting to know your mouth a little bit.
- Hopefully, then I can be as cool
and chill a bride as Meghan Markle.
Meghan says exercising keeps her grounded
as well as in shape, so I started doing what'd she do.
I took a run in the park.
She follows that up with meditation, so I did that.
This kinda feels like a waste of time,
but then again, it's nice to have a little rest I think.
Honestly, I started the day feeling pretty great.
It was a good idea, thanks Meghan.
So after that, I tried that luxe skin gel
that Meghan is rumored to use, Biotulin.
It's dubbed Botox in a bottle,
and I don't even understand how that is possible,
but I implicitly trust everything
Meghan puts on her face because she is gorgeous.
(choir music)
Then, I went to this wedding dress expert
to try to see if I could steal
Meghan's actual bridal style for the day.
I'm here with Susan Spring,
and Susan is going to give us
information on wedding dresses.
- Whatever she wears is gonna definitely
come crashing down on bridal fashion.
- She couldn't give me the inside scoop
on what design Meghan had actually chosen,
but she could give me her educated guess.
- Meghan Markle definitely could lean towards the bohemian,
but I think that she's going to follow the other trend,
which is beautiful classic ball gown,
because Meghan's a pseudo princess.
She'll have some sort of lace or beading.
She's gonna have a super long train
because of the cathedral.
Something really giant is gonna overwhelm her,
so something fitted, and chances are, very covered.
There are some companies that produce
copycat dresses almost overnight.
With Kate Middleton, I must've gotten 15 calls
from fashion magazines asking
if we had a little chubby sweater,
like the one that she had worn to her evening reception.
You never know what part of her outfit
is gonna be the one that people want to mimic the most.
- Meghan reportedly will wear two dresses,
so she could have both.
But, my wedding budget only includes room for one dress,
so I'm just gonna have to take that chance,
that I will be copying the
soon-to-be ubiquitous wedding style.
Then, because Meghan loves to work,
I got into this royal approved Pilates class.
Meghan Markle does this really intense
type of Pilates called Megaformer Pilates.
Well, okay, I couldn't find exactly that,
but I did find a similar crazy machine Pilates class.
Meghan Markle does a version of the classic machine,
so we're gonna try.
They kinda look medieval, don't they?
They look like medieval torture machines.
What's this machine called?
- Cadillac.
- The cadillac, okay.
- That's called the reformer.
- And that's the reformer.
All right.
It was intense.
- Chest up, flow backwards, use your core.
Form follows function.
- Okay.
- [Anthony] Then you can know what is functional
about what we're doing.
- Yeah, Meghan has balance and serious core strength.
Maybe a little too intense for me.
After that, it was time to relax
with a type of facial that Meghan reportedly recommends.
- Today, I'm going to be performing
my signature facial treatment, the buccal facial.
- And to be clear, we're not taking out a belt buckle
and hitting me with it, it's different.
- No, no no.
Its B-U-C-C-A-L.
- I am trying to prepare for my wedding
the same way Meghan Markle is for hers,
and she apparently loves this.
- She does.
A lot of other celebs love it as well.
Kate Moss, J-Lo.
It's pretty popular and it's a natural alternative
to things like Botox and fillers.
- Meghan walks in, she lies down, then what?
- I start the treatment by just looking at your skin,
analyzing, see what's going on.
Then I move onto cleansing, facial cupping,
which kind of gets the lymph going.
- I need to be careful, I could fall asleep.
- [Danna Voiceover] This isn't a fluffy facial.
We're creating a microtrauma to the skin
by the repetition of the movements,
so that the skin can jumpstart
the production of collagen and elastin.
- What are we about to-- - Now we're gonna be
doing the inner mouth massage,
which is the wow factor in all of this.
- The buccal facial includes a massage in your mouth.
Yeah, at first I was pretty horrified.
How could Meghan do this to me?
- [Danna] Open up.
- What, why?
- [Danna] Just getting to know your mouth a little bit.
- Feels really strange.
Has anybody bit your finger?
- No, never.
Please don't.
- Okay, I won't bite your finger.
- I work inside and outside simultaneously,
and I'm able to really access the tiny muscles
that we really never stimulate.
This area is what makes a lot of people
look like they're frowning as we get older.
- Sounds like this helps with resting bitch face?
- Exactly.
- And you know what?
It actually wasn't bad.
It was kind of like a facelift without the surgery.
- I made you look like you're 20 now.
- Meghan Markle is like, 36 and you're like she--
- Is she?
No way. - Yeah.
She does not look it at all. - She does not look,
well, she gets the buccal facial.
- There you go.
Afterwards, not only was my body tired from Pilates,
but my face was tired from the facial workout.
While getting ready for her wedding,
Meghan is avoiding alcohol,
but she still finishes the day with a glass of red wine
in order to unwind from all that stress.
Her wine blog, Tig, was named after
her favorite Tignanello wine,
which costs around 90 to 120 bucks.
- What did you figure out?
- I didn't have that much budget remaining,
so I settled for a bottle of $10 wine,
and gulped down a glass,
or two, or three.
Okay, so being like Meghan Markle
was way harder than I thought.
Sure, she looks cool and chill,
but she puts in the work to get there.
Then again, I'm getting ready for a wedding for 150 people.
18.7 million people watched
Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding on BBC One.
She will have the pressure
of millions of pairs of eyes on her.
I don't, so I'm going to enjoy it,
but I'll definitely be following her recommendation
for a daily glass of wine.
To Harry and Meghan.
Congratulations on your wedding.
(upbeat music)
- Ahh.
That's good.
I can't imagine how good the
$90 bottle of wine that she drinks is.
I don't have very high class taste.


I Tried Meghan Markle's Pre-Royal Wedding Rituals

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