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  • Endodontic treatment (Step Back Technique)

  • is also known as Telescopic canal preparation or serial root canal preparation.

  • Step back technique emphasizes keeping the apical preparation small

  • and producing a gradual taper coronally

  • This technique was first described in 1960 by Mullaney

  • basically this technique involves the

  • the canal preparation into two phases

  • phase I involves the preparation of apical constriction

  • and phase II involves the preparation of the remaining canal

  • Phase I

  • Evaluate the carious tooth before initiating endodontic treatment

  • prepare the access cavity, and locate the canal orifices

  • Establish the working length of the tooth using pathfinder

  • The working length is the distance between the reference point coronally and the anatomical apex

  • two ways to determine the working length

  • first by x ray that taken while the file is inserted in the canal

  • In this situation Apical foramen is usually found 0.5-1mm

  • shorter from the radiographic apex

  • so we need to decrease the length

  • Second by Electronic apex locators

  • That designed to determine the canal length by

  • giving the reading when the file tip is at the apical foramen

  • first lubricate the instrument for use in apical area

  • by EDTA or other lubricant

  • Now insert the first K file into the canal

  • with considering the working length with gentle

  • clockwise and anticlockwise rotation

  • of file with minimal apical pressure is given

  • Remove the instrument and irrigate the canal

  • Place the next larger size files to

  • to the working length in similar manner and again irrigate the canal

  • Don't forget to recapitulate the canal with

  • previous similar number of H file

  • This breaks up apical debris

  • which are washed away with the irrigant

  • Repeat the process until a size 25

  • or 30 H-file that reaches the working length

  • that will be the master file or

  • Recapitulate between the files by

  • placing it into the working length

  • Phase II

  • Place next file in the series to a length 1 mm short of working length

  • remove it , irrigate and recapitulate

  • Repeat the same procedure with successively larger files

  • at 1 mm more shorter from the previously used file

  • Finally, refining of the root canal is

  • done by master apical file with

  • push-pull strokes to achieve a smooth taper form of the root canal


Endodontic treatment (Step Back Technique)


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歯内療法(ステップバックテクニック (Endodontic Treatment (Step Back Technique))

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