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  • bjbjqPqP This is one of my all-time favorite ingredients.

  • I can't think of too many things that I won't chop up some scallions and throw them in.

  • Now, growing up, we called these spring onions.

  • I'm from the Appalachian Mountains.

  • Not Appalachian, it's Appalachian.

  • These were spring onions.

  • We called them green onions, and they were everywhere.

  • I remember my mother serving them with salads.

  • But to use them, and these are kind of a cousin to onion and leek and all the other onions,

  • you see they've got this kind of funky bit on the outside here?

  • We're going to take that off.

  • See?

  • We're going to come down to where we've just got his little hair, right there.

  • So that comes off.

  • Now, these have already been washed.

  • But if you haven't washed them, wash them well because they can be a little bit sandy,

  • just like a leek can.

  • Not that bad, but you don't want the sand in your stuff.

  • All right.

  • Now, the entire piece of this is edible.

  • Okay?

  • This, the white part, has more of an onion flavor.

  • This is something closer to a chive, although it's a little bit stronger, somewhere between

  • a shallot and a chive.

  • I like to use the entire thing, and to do that, I cut his little hair off.

  • Going to get rid of that.

  • Sometimes, even after you've taken that first layer there it is you'll feel a membrane that's

  • under that first layer that makes it kind of slippery.

  • So watch out for that.

  • Now, these are kind of big.

  • If these were really tiny, really thin, I'd simply slice this way and use it like that.

  • But this is going in a raw salad, so I want small bits.

  • So I'm going to cut him in half, line him up, and nice tiny pieces.

  • Now, a lot of people will only go up so far on the

  • green part and quit, which I honestly don't understand why because the green is delicious,

  • and it's got a softer onion flavor.

  • There is no need to waste that much of what you just paid for.

  • Now, these guys, these are going in my scrap bin because we've got a cool trick to do with

  • those in a minute.

  • But that's it.

  • Clean him up, take his skin off, pop his head up.

  • Great green onion.

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bjbjqPqP This is one of my all-time favorite ingredients.


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