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Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy
I've got another short little video today
that's going to help you learn how to ask for a favour in English
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Alright let's get on with the class
Ok so we've got this little word here which is favour
so what does favour mean?
well a favour is a kind or generous action that someone does for you
or you do for someone, it can also be reversed
so when you ask someone for a favour, you're asking them to do something nice for you
that's gonna benefit you
that's why it's important to understand how to ask for one in a nice and polite way
because you're asking them to do something for you
so you don't want to make them feel obliges and you don't want to offend them or annoy them
so, there are five basic ways in which we can ask for a favour
ok, so it's going to be a question so we need our question mark
the first one, can I ask
Can I ask a favour?
The next one, could you do me
Could you do me a favour?
The third, could you possibly do me
Could you possibly do me a favour?
Number 4, could I ask you to do me
Could I ask you to do me a favour?
I was wondering if I could ask you to do me
I was wondering if I could ask you to do me a favour?
Ok so we have these 5 questions that are all variations of asking someone to do you a favour
Now maybe you want to be a bit more persuasive
so you need to exaggerate the favour, you need to make it seem really really important
Well I've got three options for you in this case
So we're just going to use 'could you do me'
and a favour and we're going to add a word in the middle
We've got 'a really big'
Could you do me a really big favour?
We've also got 'a massive'
Could you do me a massive favour?
And then finally we've got 'a huge'
Could you do me a huge favour?
So those are 3 ways of exaggerating the favour and making the person more obliged to do it for you
Ok, so you've managed to persuade your friend to do the favour for you
Now what do you do?
Well you have to thank them! So..
Apart from a simple 'thank you so much' there are other ways in which you can thank them for doing a favour
My favourite one is "Ah! you're a lifesaver!'
you have saved my life!
you're a lifesaver!
That's a really nice colloquial phrase to use
Then, to show even more appreciation you could say that you owe them a favour now
You could say 'I really owe you one'
or I owe you big time!
Or perhaps you could offer them a reward like
I owe you a drink, or I'll buy you a drink next time we're out
Or maybe, if the favour is appropriate then you can offer to return the favour
So you promise to do the same for them one day in the future
Ok! Well that is the end of my video all about asking for a favour
I hope it helped you, and I hope you feel more comfortable the next time you have to ask for favours
Don't forget to connect with me on all of my social media
Especially my Instagram, cos I'm very active on that nowadays, and I'll see you soon for another lesson!


【英語学習】頼みごとのお願いの仕方 (How to ask for a FAVOUR in English | British English #Spon)

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