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The President: Good afternoon, everybody.
Please have a seat.
Before I begin, let me say a few words
about the tragedy that's unfolding not far away from here
at the Washington Navy Yard.
That's part of why our event today was delayed.
I've been briefed by my team on the situation.
We still don't know all the facts,
but we do know that several people have been shot,
and some have been killed.
So we are confronting yet another mass shooting --
and today, it happened on a military installation
in our nation's capital.
It's a shooting that targeted
our military and civilian personnel.
These are men and women who were going to work,
doing their job, protecting all of us.
They're patriots, and they know the dangers of serving abroad --
but today, they faced unimaginable violence
that they wouldn't have expected here at home.
So we offer our gratitude to the Navy
and local law enforcement, federal authorities,
and the doctors who've responded with skill and bravery.
I've made it clear to my team that I want the investigation
to be seamless, so that federal and local authorities
are working together.
And as this investigation moves forward,
we will do everything in our power
to make sure whoever carried out this cowardly act
is held responsible.
In the meantime, we send our thoughts and prayers to all
at the Navy Yard who've been touched by this tragedy.
We thank them for their service.
We stand with the families of those who've been harmed.
They're going to need our love and support.
And as we learn more about the courageous Americans
who died today -- their lives, their families,
their patriotism -- we will honor their service
to the nation they helped to make great.
And obviously, we're going to be
investigating thoroughly what happened,
as we do so many of these shootings, sadly,
that have happened,
and do everything that we can to try to prevent them.


President Obama Makes a Statement on the Situation at the Washington Navy Yard

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