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  • If you want to grow up big and strong then buy my mammal utter juice products.

  • They won't actually make you big and strong.

  • But we've been literally saying they'll make your bones stronger for years and no one's questioned it.

  • Yes in its runny liquid form this liquid Cow teat spray pairs perfectly with

  • everything from your high fructose flakes of corn to your sugary disks of fat, or just by itself.

  • Mmm

  • So fresh you can still taste the animal milk sack that we squeeze this out of . Yes.

  • This nutrient-Rich ooze was meant for another mammal.

  • But will tell you it's good for you by showing you that one athlete you like so much

  • and put on glue that looks like milk on her upper lip. Right, athlete? Do you have this product?

  • oh, what a slogan, and all those sugary treats wouldn't taste good without my solidified utter fat.

  • That's right.

  • Most baked items fried items are generally cooked items use slabs of the

  • fattiest part of the cow goo or sometimes you spread it on top of the baked things once they're done. Either way,

  • we make sure that you're always eating it or you can have our aged cow titty goop

  • depending on how long we let it get moldy changes

  • what kind of fancy block of solid pus it becomes.

  • And, if we can't sell enough of it will sneak the excess into your food without you knowing it.

  • In fact, we made it possible for us to sneak it into a ton of food with some fancy politics.

  • How do you think pizza companies made their crust taste better? It's all thanks to us

  • That's right even if you don't think you're buying my goo. You're buying my goo.

  • But you're probably willingly buying my animal squishy glom because we crammed our utter goo agenda into your food

  • pyramid or plate or whatever nonsense picture you subscribe to to tell you how to eat healthy ?

  • So you now think that you need this in your diet.

  • Once we've brainwashed you to add my gloopy animal squirts into your diet.

  • We've got you for good because these solidified, cow nipple drops are physically addictive

  • That's right. When we mold our cow breast milk into these solid blocks of melty mush, it creates

  • casomorphins which is an opiate more addictive than morphine

  • which is good for us because if you really knew how we treat the cows, whose utter drops we steal you wouldn't buy it.

  • It's horrifying and unhygenic and full of hormones and drugs and literal pus and animal abuse

  • or maybe you do know all this, but you're too addicted to my solidified blocks of fresh-squeezed mammal to care.

  • If it makes you feel better to pretend that the milk tastes better when the cows are happier

  • we'll show you a bunch of cows in a field, but that's unrelated to our actual process. So drink and eat my creamy goo.

  • That's shot out of a larger animal stomach because look it melts which is somehow an appealing thing for eating.

  • That's right. Numb it up. I'm Roger by the way.

  • But you can call me the Milkman.

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  • See you next time.

If you want to grow up big and strong then buy my mammal utter juice products.


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