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  • I'm a famous clown in a flower crown

  • My friends are dictated by similar subscriber counts

  • My channel takes you through my bedroom routine

  • It's just between you and me

  • And 100,000 other tweens

  • Don't care for money, don't care about the fame

  • I'm just collabing with my friends

  • Though I only know their screen names

  • After five minutes a week you think you know me offline

  • I exploit fandoms for a bottom line

  • I...

  • Conjure fame with challenge vids and

  • I...

  • Play drinking games to target kids

  • And I hope Lucifer will sell me a selfie stick in hell, wheeeee

  • Welcome, welcome to the YouTube Culture

  • The YouTube Cult

  • Hey guys I'm on tour

  • So tug on mommy's hair

  • If she pays 200 bucks you can meet and greet a millionaire

  • Ha, ha, hopping town to town in my first class flight

  • Which you kinda paid for when you bought my book I didn't write

  • YouTubers had morals back in 2011

  • More virgins were at VidCon than in al-Qaeda heaven

  • Now we're snorting lines of cinnamon

  • Copycat cashing in

  • Quality to quantity

  • It's Kubrick to Kardashian

  • I...

  • Idolize your idle eyes and

  • I...'m

  • Monetizing kissing guys and

  • And I won't come out the closet till I've got something to sell about it, whooooo

  • Welcome, welcome to my YouTube lifestyle

  • YouTube Lie

  • Welcome, welcome to the YouTube Culture

  • The YouTube Cult

  • There's a mystery to being at the top

  • People think I'm divine

  • But the truth is

  • We're not heroes

  • We just play some online

  • I'm like Hercules or Thor with a slightly slimmer bod

  • Cause yeah I'm just a normal guy but also

  • I'm a god

  • So I didn't write my book

  • Jesus didn't write the Bible

  • I spread my message through the world with 12 (year old) disciples

  • I got more slave followers than Moses at the Red Sea

  • They purchase my biography despite the fact I'm 23

  • So love me and I'll love you more

  • Cause I love the way you love me

  • My church is a merch store

  • I...'m

  • Privileged, white, and rich, and male, and

  • You... are not

  • So worship at my YouTube sale

  • I put the "I" in "defy" and suddenly you "deify" me

  • Welcome, welcome to the YouTube Sensation

  • The YouTube Sin

  • Welcome, welcome to my YouTube Lifestyle

  • YouTube Lie

  • Welcome, welcome

  • I said

  • Welcome to the YouTube Cult

  • Cheers!

  • Subscribe!

  • Hey, I just wanted to say a big thank you

  • To everybody who came to my ugly room and shot this video

  • So guys what are your channels?

  • (incoherent and shameless self-promotion)

  • So click on their face if you want to see any of that

  • Bye!

I'm a famous clown in a flower crown


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